What to do when forgot login password on Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the best phone this year, even though it has a battery problem, there are still many people using it. The Galaxy Note 7 has good specs and gets better when you use it in real life.

Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with an Exynos chip researched, designed and manufactured by Samsung that is no less competitive than the Snapdragon 820 chip with excellent graphics display. In addition, the device is equipped with 4GB Ram, beautiful Quad HD screen.

The Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t have direct competitors like products from OnePlus and ZTE and even HTC. However, things go wrong, sometimes, too much. Possibly the worst thing that can happen at any time to a Note 7 user is forgetting the screen or pattern password.


If you are a user who has forgotten your password, pin or pattern on your Galaxy Note 7 and cannot get through the lock screen to use it, then this will be a good solution for you. Please note that the following steps are also true for many other Android devices.

You really have two ways to recover the battery/Password, turn off your Galaxy Note 7. If you have your Note 7 device enabled by Google’s Android Device Manager, then doing the following will not lose data on your device because of the nature of the device. This Google feature backs up data automatically to the cloud. However, in the unlikely event that you have enabled the use of ADM, you will lose all data.

Restore or Reset Galaxy Note 7 when forgot password

Using Android Device Manager

  1. First you go to the Android Device Manager of the website, and find the Galaxy Note 7.
  2. Click on the “Erase and Lock” button.
  3. Follow the necessary steps to lock your Galaxy Note 7. You can erase it if you want, but for now, we just need the lock feature.
  4. Now, set a temporary password of your choice.
  5. Unlock your Galaxy Note 7 using the password you just set. Now you can change the password, or delete it completely.

Use Recovery to restore to the original.

  1. Turn off Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
  2. Boot into the recovery menu. On Note 7, hold the Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons simultaneously until the logo appears.
  3. Using the volume keys, navigate to the option that reads “Factory Reset/Wipe Data”.
  4. Select it using the Power button. On the next screen you will continue to find an option to choose either yes or no.
  5. Next stay calm and select Yes.
  6. This process may take a few minutes, so don’t worry. Once done, the Galaxy Note 7 will reboot and look like it just came out of the box when buying a new product.

That’s it, now you will have a new machine with the original default rom and the next thing is that you just need to set it up properly.


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