What is Morning Moon Village?

NFT game are not limited to playing PVP battles. Harvest Moon games like gardening and growing vegetables are also available.

Morning Moon Village

Morning Moon Village: Grow vegetables, farm, explore and gather resources. Create new tools Take your pet on an adventure

Morning Moon Village is an NFT game by Mooniverse that currently has projects like Morning Moon or Moo Monster that the developers plan to connect from the very beginning. This is an exciting future area. 

The format of the game Morning Moon Village will be a farming, growing, exploring and adventure game with your pet, similar to the game Harvest Moon + Runescape available on the NFT cryptosystem. You will play this game You can also earn money.

The game is still in development, if interested, follow the details from the game’s page or website. It’s also coming out soon.

Type of work Cryptocurrency, gamefi, nft, invest, play a game

Minimum paymentthere is no minimum

Pay everything Daily

Estimated earnings Play for Earn with Cryptocurrency

Payment methods Cryptocurrency, Digital wallet

What is required to apply(for some jobs only one may be needed)  Digital wallet

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