Ways to fix com.android.settings has stopped error on Android

Your Android phone suddenly says com.android.settings has stopped and you don’t know how to fix it? Then the following article will guide you to 6 effective ways to fix com.android.settings has stopped error on Android that you cannot ignore.

Restart the phone

Restarting an Android phone is the simplest way to prevent the system from re-running as well as shutting down the applications in use on the device, so that the phone can fix the error and work stably again.

Restart Android phone

2. Clear cache and cache of Settings app

Clearing the cache and cache of the Settings app is necessary, especially for phones with limited internal memory. The more you use apps like Facebook , Zalo ,… more often, the more the cache increases and this is the cause of some errors, such as the com.android.settings has stopped error on the phone.

How to clear cache on Android phones

3. Force stop the Settings app

The com.android.settings has stopped error can come from the Settings app . In this case, you need to force stop the Settings app to fix the above error.

Proceed as follows:

The tutorial is done on Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime phone, Android 8.1.0 operating system. With other Android phones, you can do the same.

Step 1 : Access the Settings application > Select Applications > Select Settings item .

Go to Settings and select Apps

Step 2 : Click FORCE STOP .


4. Restore factory settings

Factory reset returns your phone to the state it was in when it was purchased. That’s why errors like com.android.settings has stopped can be fixed!

Restore factory settings on Android

You should note that factory reset will erase all data on the device. So make sure you back up your backup data before restoring to protect it!

5. Hard reset phone

Similar to factory reset , a hard reset has the function of returning the device to its original state, and at the same time removing faulty applications and faulty settings on the phone.

How to hard reset Android phone

6. Bring your phone to a reputable repair center

If after trying the above methods and still not successful, the only way is to bring your phone to a reputable repair center for support!

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