Using some new commands in unlocking the bootloader of the Nexus 6P

Check out the bootloader on the Nexus-6 mobile phone

List of recent Nexus products with additional product lines Nexus 6P. But we often proceed to install custom ROMs, root, or install mods, it is mandatory to proceed unlock bootloader. If you are using Nexus 6P and proceed to unlock it, then definitely the traditional unlocking method “fastboot oem unlock” is no longer active. Therefore, it requires us to have a new unlock method to be able to successfully unlock the bootloader.

A new flash command is introduced for the first time in the package Android M Developer Preview. These changes were then introduced with Android AOSP, which required the user to enter a new command to be able to unlock the smartphone device. For many users will wonder why Nexus 6P doesn’t support both options, but that will probably prevent cases over time (phones will most likely keep migrating to newer code) .

Before we discuss the new command settings, we will let you know that there are two levels of unlocking: normal and important. Unlock should basically include anything most readers will want to do, up to and including installing a custom recovery, system image, and a modified boot image (useful for rooting tools) systemless” by Chainfire). This also allows flash Bootloader official. Unlocking is important because it allows users to install customizations when allowed unlock bootloader, which is usually only necessary to remove certain security restrictions or sometimes to add special features. For general hacking purposes, it is good to be aware of both commands; but it’s too early to make any assumptions about whether manufacturers will resist the change and stick with the oem syntax, replace it with flash, or adopt both for the sake of flexibility.

Note that when you tinker with customizing software as well as hardware, it will void the warranty on your device or damage the device. Be careful before proceeding.

And as mentioned above, here are the new commands used in unlocking the bootloader

fastboot flashing unlock

fastboot flashing lock

fastboot flashing unlock_critical

fastboot flashing lock_critical

fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability

And most of all this won’t have anything to do with the usb driver. Also Google has asked Huawei to replace with new oem commands in unlocking Nexus 6P bootloader.


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