Using SamFix tool to fix warning display errors on Samsung devices

If you own a Samsung devices, you may notice that there are some alert annoying things that you see all the time and you can never seem to get rid of them. But with this problem, we gradually got used to it and today we will show you how to easily remove them with the tool SamFix can fix the warning on Samsung Galaxy devices.

What are these warnings?

The alerts you see are automatically activated as you increase the level volume or Brightness certain. The ranges are adjusted in such a way that they can provide satisfactory results without damaging the software or causing you inconvenience. This means that it will not be possible for you to overload what you want even by hitting the limit. As a result, these messages inform you of potential risks indicating that Samsung is overprotection.

Is that really the case? Not necessarily. You see, everyone must responsible for whatever they do with their device. However, when their equipment ends up damaged, they tend to blame others. Samsung wants to keep it safe, and these warnings effectively hold users accountable for their own choices.

What warnings do you need to get rid of?

At this point, you may have memorized the warnings and it’s time to dismiss them. All you need is a simple app called SamFix and allow it to function properly. If access rights root available, permission is automatically granted. If not, you can still use the app by granting permission through ADB. This app free to download and you can download the app by clicking the link below.

Download SamFix from XDA Labs

In case you need help getting set up ADB, we’ve got a guide to help you with this with the instructions in the link below. The first will show you how to install the ADB drivers on your Windows or Linux computer. Instead, the second part explains how to enable ADB on your smartphone.

SamFix settings and permissions

After downloading SamFix from XDA Labs, you need Setting SamFix on your device. This may require your permission Unknown sources if this is the first time installing apk from that source. Then launch the app and you will see a permission request. If your device is rooted, click “Root” to grant permission and you can move on to the next section. If not, make sure yes PC and USB cable.

Launch ADB on your PC and connect your smartphone with a USB cable. Then launch command the following to verify that the computer is detecting the correct device:

adb devices

If you see your device, you’re ready. If you have multiple results, make sure to draw all results, except for the one you are working on. Then we will issue permission for SamFix to work properly. Import or copy command after :

adb shell pm grant com.dharmapoudel.samfix


You will not receive confirm of any kind: if there are no errors, it should work.

How to use SamFix

Now that you have completed the hardest part, you can launch SamFix on your device to fix the alerts on Samsung devices. The interface has 4 main options and looks like this:

The options are tick are the options we are interested in. You need to turn on they, restart equipment and enjoy result. In case you will want to disable it, you can proceed in the same way.

Finally, notice that we have two more options inside the app: animation scale and greyscale. The app will automatically set the animation to 0.5x for better performance. However, you can set them back to 1x if you want. Gray mode will do exactly what you expect and will help save battery due to the way it is displayed AMOLED. This last feature may not work on certain devices.


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