Use your phone as a webcam for your computer

Turning your phone into a webcam via a USB port will be very convenient in case your laptop’s camera is broken or your desktop computer hasn’t bought a webcam yet.

Using an Android phone ‘s front camera in everyday video calls or selfies is commonplace and we all know how to use it. So have you ever heard of using your Android phone as a webcam for your computer via USB? Actually, we can completely do this with only the following 2 applications.

How to turn an Android phone into a webcam via USB


DroidCam is an application that turns your phone into a webcam, which is being provided free of charge to Android users, supporting Wi-Fi or USB connection . In addition, this application also has a Pro version sold for 4.36 USD with attractive features and additional support for bluetooth connectivity.

To be able to use DroidCam and turn your phone into a webcam, download DroidCam from Google Play and visit to download the Windows and Linux versions. After downloading the application, install DroidCam as usual on your computer.

When the installation is complete, open the application on both your computer and phone and follow the instructions:

  • Step 1 : If using Wi-Fi, select the first box on the computer application, using a USB cable, select the second box.
  • Step 2 : Enter the corresponding IP address (Wi-Fi IP or DroidCam Port)  on the phone into the Device IP box   on the computer
  • Step 3 : Click  Start and the  application will send images from your phone’s camera to your computer. 

If your phone has two cameras, you can click the Settings button on the app to select the camera you want to use.

Overall, the sound when using DroidCam to connect between phone and computer is quite good and you can choose low, normal or high video quality. And if you need to use your Android phone as a Webcam via USB, DroidCam is really the perfect choice because of its convenience, no need to log in, just a Wi-Fi network or a USB cable.

IP webcam

IP Webcam is also a tool that turns your phone into a webcam freely available on Google Play. However, this app has a paid version with more features.

After downloading the application, open the application on your phone to set up a few basic features such as sound, camera. Next, choose to connect to the computer. When configuring Webcam IP address you should use Chrome or Firefox browser. To view the feed, go to http://[IP ADDRESS]:8080/videofeed to view the feed, then the correct IP address will appear on your phone screen. .

Basically, the highlight of IP webcams is to provide images and videos with different resolutions. However, you will need to create an account to log in.

Above are the two most popular and simplest ways to turn your phone into a webcam via USB. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends. Wish you a successful operation.

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