Unlock Bootloader, Root and Install TWRP for Galaxy Note 4 Verizon


Carrier- and market-released devices are often difficult to jailbreak and therefore many ways are cardless unlock bootloader bootloader. Galaxy Note 4 Verizon’s is also on that list because it has a completely locked bootloader. Fortunately, Verizon Galaxy Note 4 users can unlock the bootloader right now by installing using TWRP custom recovery and use it to install custom ROMs or Mods. This way is a member ryanbg shared on the XDA forum.

Many device users participating in XDA forums have confirmed this method can unlock the bootloader completely. To do that, first Galaxy Note 4 Verizon need to run Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and is rooted as well install TWRP. Before proceeding with the instructions, you need to have root privileges on your device to install something to unlock the bootloader. You can easily root your device using our guide from here or you can use Kingroot 4.8.5 to gain temporary root access.

You also need to have an SDcard in your device and it will be formatted during the process, so make sure you don’t have any important data on the SDcard. You should back up the data on the memory card. Also, you must disable the activation key to avoid any problems. And lastly, your device CID should start with number 15, otherwise the process won’t work. You can check using eMMC . application. If you’re ready, start with the tutorial.

Requirements before implementation

  • Galaxy Note 4 has at least 60% battery power left. Preferably you need to fully charge.
  • Activation mode USB Debugging on android device. See here.
  • Download and install the full driver for your computer: Download here.
  • Backup data, sms, contacts, … using Google Sync service or 3rd party application.
  • Install ADB on your computer.
  • Download odin latest version: download Odin
  • Download samsung_unlock_n4-2 scriptsDownload | Mirror
  • Download samsung_unlock_n4-2 fixDownload
  • Download TWRP for Verizon Note 4 (Use .tar file) → Download

How to Unlock Bootloader of Galaxy Note 4 Verizon phone

  1. Download samsung_unlock_n4-2 and put it in the same folder where you installed ADB.
  2. Navigate to the ADB files folder and open a command prompt inside the folders by pressing Shift + Right-clicking in the empty space inside the folders, and selecting “Open command window here” from the Windows mouse menu.
  3. In the command prompt, use the command below to move the unlock files to a temporary location in the device.

    adb push samsung_unlock-n4-2 /data/local/tmp/

  4. Now, use the below command to open ADB on your computer.

    adb shell

  5. To get root permission on your device, enter the command below. Make sure you grant r SuperSU permission on your device to get root access.


  6. Now enter below commands one by one to set the correct permissions and ownership for the unlocked files.

    cd /data/local/tmp/chmod
    777 samsung_unlock_n4-2chown root.ro
    ot samsung_unlock_n4-2

  7. Now, run below command to execute.


    You will see the description below warning after running the above code. Read it carefully.

    [+] CID at boot time is/was: 1501xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    [+] device not yet dev CID, now changing to dev CID
    [+] programming new CID 150100523231384d4100657e54fc1200
    [+] success! powering off device, power back on and verify CID
    [+] then run this binary again to finish the process

    Note: If you are experiencing a situation like “this is for Samsung devices only error“, use samsung_unlock_n4-2 to fix the error and run it using the same process defined above.

  8. As stated, your device’s CID will change after reboot. The device will be equipped with automatic shutdown after running the script. Before transferring it in, make sure you put the SDcard on your device. Once the phone boots up, follow steps 3-7 again. This will unlock the bootloader on your phone.
  9. Remove the SD card and keep it safe as it contains loaded files which will help to repair your device in case of any bricking.
  10. Now, boot the device into Download mode
    • First power off the phone.
    • Next press and hold the key combination Volume Down + Power + Home until you see a warning screen with the Android logo.
    • Press Volume Up to continue entering Download Mode.
  11. Install the TWRP file from the Odin tool. You can follow our Odin installation guide from now.
  12. Once installed, boot into recovery mode by pressing the “Volume Up + Power + Home” at the same time and make copies nandroid backup of the device.
  13. Now you can get root access on your device by installing SuperSu zip from TWRP.

It’s a bit lengthy, but to get the unlocked bootloader on the Verizon Galaxy Note 4 it needs to be done.

Good luck!


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