Trick to permanently disable screenshot sound on Android phones

We take a lot of screenshots every day for work purposes. And, the most annoying part about it is not the sheer number of pictures but the sound your phone makes during the process. You may not understand what xaiandroid is telling you about the phone but you will soon. As this problem is mostly faced on phones running Stock Android like Pixel or Android One. Below, xaiandroid will describe two ways to disable screenshot sound on Android.

The custom interface now offers a lot of customization, and most probably have an option to disable the screenshot sound in the settings. That is not the case with Stock Android. What’s worse is that the sound can’t be muted even if the phone is put on silent or vibrate mode. The problem is, the storage devices don’t provide the option to turn off this sound. Thankfully, there are a few xaiandroid workarounds that will tell you about two that we think are the best.

Turn off screen capture sound on Android phones

Here are the ways you can easily turn off the sound you hear while taking a screenshot on your Android device:

1. Use the Google Assistant to take a screenshot

The Google Assistant is the most useful thing you can have on an Android phone in 2018. It has come a long way and has become an important part of Android. While we’ve shared a lot of Google Assistant tips over time, there’s so much new that we continue to learn about it even today.

By now, you must know that you can use voice commands and make the assistant take screenshots. But, one thing that you may not have noticed is that when you use the assistant for the purpose of taking screenshots, it makes no sound. Whether your phone is on silent or ringing, you won’t hear the screenshot sound through this method.

While it looks good, screenshots taken through the Google Assistant are not saved in the gallery by default. Once the screenshot is taken, you will see a share menu popup on the screen and you will have to use it to save the screenshot on Google Photos or Google drive or any other cloud storage option.

2. Using third-party apps

Due to the problem mentioned above, some may not like to use Google assistant to take screenshots. Yes, such people can use third-party applications. And, the one I’ve been using for the past few months is called Touch Screenshot.

It’s actually pretty easy to use Screenshot touch. When you install the app and open it for the first time, you’ll have to allow the app to access your phone’s storage in order to save the screenshot directly to the gallery. Next, click “Start capture monitoring services” at the top. Now it will start capturing everything on your screen like a screen recording app.

However, the only difference is that it doesn’t record and save all your activities on your phone, instead it gives you full control over the process. When enabled, you will see a floating camera icon on the screen. Whenever you want to take a screenshot, tap on it and the app will take the screenshot without making any sound. Once you’re done, disable the app’s screen capture service.

Touch Screenshot offers some basic options like changing the save path, changing the image format and quality, etc.


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