Trick to increase or decrease the volume when the hard key is broken on the phone


As for smartphone devices, it does not always work completely smoothly, sometimes it can malfunction for any reason that makes us uncomfortable. Even if you use it carelessly, it can cause damage. The problem is common on smart mobile devices that is often hardware buttons damage for some reason unknown to the user.

First, xaiandroid shares with you what to do if power button of the phone is damaged. In this article I will tell you how to volume control of the phone in case the volume button is broken stops working because when it comes to Android hardly any software can adjust and do it well.


To get the power of the volume button, we’ll be using an app called Volume ChopCUT. So this application will bring the functions of the broken physical volume button on the screen including hardware buttons like home, back, application button and hardware buttons on the screen. .

Volume ChopCUT is very simple to set up, you just need to choose the settings right after installing it. Here are the main options:


Basic Notice: This option is very lightweight as it adds a single persistent notification in the notification panel and you can assign a function (media volume / alarm / call volume / ring volume). Multiple functions can also be selected, but only a single row will be used in the basic notification options.


Announcement expansion: This option also adds a persistent notification in the notification panel, but it provides an extended control over the basic notification. To make the whole process easy it added integrated up and down volume control buttons.


Featured Widgets: As the above shows, this option adds a prominent widget on the screen and can be dragged anywhere. This widget is based on another app so it will always stay on top of all other apps. It has several icons to choose from for options. Icon size, color, style. You can also allow it to control media volume, alarm, ringer, call volume.

Outstanding Equalizer: This is an experimental feature that gives you access to the equalizer via the highlight button.

Other than all the options mentioned above, you can also integrate with VolumeChopCUT with Google Now and you can control the volume through voice commands. To do so you need to give it access to the necessary settings.

Have you ever faced such a situation? Did you find this workaround helpful?

Do you have any other tips or control the volume even if the volume buttons don’t work? Tell us in the comments below.


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