Trick to increase internal storage space on Android devices

Currently the Android device equipped with super-huge memory, but it is for devices with high-end price points. As for the mid-range and cheap segment, the internal memory capacity is not very high.

But don’t worry, because most mid-range and low-range devices have the option of an external MicroSD card slot. That’s why you can easily create partitions right on MicroSD memory card to increase internal storage of equipment.

But before proceeding to create a partition you need to make sure your device is rooted and if you don’t root, then in this article you will not be able to follow the instructions properly.


  • Use a MicroSD card with at least 4GB + Class 4 memory or higher.
  • Use a MicroSD card reader so that the memory card can be read by the computer.
  • Download the Link2SD app below for your phone.
  • Use the partitioning tool. Example: Mini Tool Partition Wizard
  • The device is rooted.

Steps to increase internal storage on Android devices

  1. Place your SD card in a MicroSD card reader connected to your computer. Here you need to back up the data on the SD card before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Download and install: MiniTool Partition Wizard
  3. Select your SD card and format it by clicking on the option “Delete“.
  4. Once the procedure is complete, select your SD card again and click on the option “Create“.
  5. Select “primary partition” and select FAT32 as your choice.
  6. Choose the size you want your partition to be, but leave at least 512MBs free for our next steps.
  7. Click on the empty folder of the memory card. Choose “Create” again and select EX2 as your filesystem option.
  8. Wait for the program to complete and insert the MicroSD card into your phone.
  9. Make sure you have Link2SD installed.
  10. Open the app and give root permissions.
  11. When Link2SD asks for the ext partition to select the EX2 you created in the previous step.
  12. Restart your phone and open the app again.
  13. Go to Link2SD Settings and select the AutoLink option. This will automatically “move” all your downloaded apps to your SD card. At this time, the internal storage capacity will increase so that you can save more necessary information on the internal memory.

That’s it, you can now increase your internal storage even more than it would have without MicroSD card support.


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