Translate text in photos super fast, super convenient

Google Translate images is a feature that quickly translates text on photos from any language to Vietnamese extremely fast and convenient without you having to manually enter any data.

Below will guide you how to quickly translate images on Google Translate. Note: This method only applies to Google Translate on mobile, and the version Google Translate Web then you can’t use it.

How to instantly translate images on Google Translate

Get Google Translate for iOS Get Google Translate for Android

Step 1:

Update Google Translate to the latest version via the download link above or go directly to the Google Play or App Store app store.

Step 2:

At the main interface of Google Translate, click on the camera icon. On the next screen, note the following icons:

  • (2) Instant translation: means you can translate photos instantly without scanning the Text.
  • (first) is the self-recognized language of Google Translate, it’s usually pretty standard, if not, please choose again.

Step 3:

Point your camera to the image with the text you want to translate, and immediately the word or phrase on that image will be translated into the language you selected appears on the screen.

Now you can understand the entire content of the words – phrases on that image.

In addition to the instant translation feature, Google Translate’s camera can now scan images or import images with text, which is quite handy.

If your phone still cannot update the instant translation feature, you can still use the image translation feature of Google Translate as usual according to the instructions below.

Instructions to translate text in photos with Google Translate

Step 1: First, you need to download Google Translate to your phone, this application supports both Android and iOS platforms. Select the correct platform for your device, then tap Settings > Accept.

Google Translate SettingsAccept Google Translate settings

Step 2: Wait a moment for the installation to complete, click Open to start the Google Translate experience.

Google Translate installation processOpen Google Translate

Step 3: You need to choose your main language, the language you translate most often, and if you want to translate even when you don’t have an internet connection, check the box. Offline translation, then press Accomplished. At the main interface of Google Translate, you choose the source language and the target language. Then tap camera icon to capture an image containing the text to be translated.

Select languageCamera

Step 4: Next, align the text, and then press red camera icon to take a photo. If the message “Improve data entry with camera” appears, press OK.

Take a photoNotify

Step 5: Google Translate starts scanning the photo. When the scan is complete, all words that Google Translate recognizes will be highlighted in light. Use your finger to swipe through all the words to be translated, the entered words will be highlighted in bold color and appear in the upper text box. When satisfied with the words to be translated, press the arrow to the right.

Google Translate will display the results of translating the text taken from the image. Up to this step, the user can still change the source and target languages.

Highlight textText translationTranslate photos

Small tips:
Did you see that with the instructions above, we can copy the Text from the image scanned by Google Translate? This is also a trick that I often use to get text from pictures, you should try it.!

Video tutorial to translate text in photos with Google Translate

So you can translate text through photos extremely quickly and conveniently. So what are you waiting for, experience Google Translate right away!

Wishing you success!

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