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iOS screen translation app Which is the best today? Let’s list the iOS screen translation app highly appreciated!

The advent of smartphones has really brought people too many conveniences, including eliminating the language “barrier”.

When you encounter content written in a foreign language on your smartphone, such as in a text message, on a website, in an Email… what will you do? You can ask a friend or colleague to translate, or more manually, copy to your computer and use machine translation software to assist. However, this work is both time consuming and error-prone, not to mention some very bad machine translation software, creating confusing paragraphs for readers. So what to do?

To help users quickly translate text on their iPhone or iPad, would like to introduce the top popular translation apps on the App Store. There are both free and paid translation apps for you to choose from depending on your needs.

TOP text translation app on iPhone, iPad

  • When browsing the web on Safari, Bing for iOS is the best way to translate text with lightning speed. By adding an extension, Bing allows to translate the whole website on Safari without opening the application.

    Bing web translation tool

    First you install Bing for iOS app for free on your iPhone or iPad, open Safari and tap the . button Share. Swipe left on the row above the button Cancel, touch More and turn on the option Bing Translator from the list. You can drag the icon to 1 of the 4 positions on the top of the list for faster access.

    Now, open any website that is not in English, tap the Share button and select Bing Translator. Website will be translated immediately. If using a browser Chrome, you don’t need to use this extension because it’s already built in Google Translate – Google translate.

  • Download Workflow for iOS

    Free Workflow is a powerful application for creating iOS extensions. When activating Workflow, the program will open the translation page on a new tab – a completely different way from Bing Translator when translating text right on the open tab. Although Workflow’s translation speed is not as fast as Bing’s, this is the simplest way to use the translation tool of Google on Safari.

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    iTranslate (free)

    The two extensions mentioned above are very effective in translating the whole web page, but do not support quick translation of selected or copied text or messages. That’s when you need it iTranslate With the built-in widget on the notification center, it is very convenient to translate the content of the apps installed on the iPhone.

    Download iTranslate for iOS

    After download iTranslate for free To your iPhone, swipe down from any screen to open the Notification Centre. Tap Today, scroll to the bottom, and tap Edit. Tap the blue plus icon next to iTranslate. At this point, iTranslate will be added to the Today view in the iPhone’s notification center.

    You just need to select the text you want to translate from any app to copy. Scroll down to the notification center and select Translate Clipboard in the newly added iTranslate widget. The compiled content will be displayed right on the screen.

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    Slated Keyboard ($9.99)

    Download Slated Keyboard

    Extensions or widgets are not the best choice for translating content when you are chatting or texting your friends. To communicate with non-English speakers, we need a 3rd party keyboard. And this is when Slated comes into full play. Follow the instructions to keyboard settings Slated Keyboard on iPhone. Note that Slated uses Google Translate to translate text, which is very suitable for translating short messages while chatting and texting. Slated supports iOS 8 and above and supports multiple languages.

  • Why is Google Translate mentioned last in the list of translation apps for iPhone? The simple reason is because Google Translate is good Google translator is the best translation tool available today, fully converging all the elements you need when translating web, text messages, applications… Not only that, Google Translate also translates both text and speech, even even image translation. The latest Google Translate supports automatic language detection in Speech Mode and translates text on images easily.

    Download Google Translate for iOS

  • Gboard is Google’s keyboard application, which can be installed on iOS or iPadOS. It has built-in search on Google, Google Maps, YouTube and more. You can also use it to access Google Translate from the keyboard in any app you’re using.

    This is a simplified version of Google Translate that allows you to type or paste text to translate text into any language. Gboard does not have the option to handwrite or translate to voice.

    If you want to find a way to translate iOS screen on iPhone, Gboard is the best choice. It allows you to type the desired content into the keyboard compilation page. Alternatively, copy existing messages and paste them into Gboard to compile them without sending anything.

    After downloading Gboard from the App Store, you need to give it full access to your iPhone for everything to work properly. Ii Settings > Gboard > Keyboard and activate Allow Full Access.

    The next time you open the keyboard on your iPhone, touch and hold the globe icon to select Gboard from the built-in keyboard. Then tap the icon Translate to open this text translation app.

  • Google Chrome is definitely a web browser that is no longer strange to everyone. However, not everyone knows it integrates direct web translation. When loading a foreign language website, Google Chrome automatically iOS screen translation it to the language you want. All you need to do is touch the language you want to use at the bottom of the screen and the entire content will be translated in a flash.

    After choosing a favorite profile, Chrome automatically compiles the web between the 2 languages. This way, you can continue reading foreign newspapers on your iPhone while Google Chrome translates the content.

    To view translation settings, tap More (…) in the bottom right corner and to Translate. Then touch Gear to choose between different languages ​​or set Chrome automatically translate future web content.

    Built-in translation feature has made Google Chrome become one of the most popular and loved iPhone web browsers today.

  • Siri translates iOS screen

    Siri is a direct translation software on iPhone, free of charge, no installation required. If you are looking for a fast one-way translation, Siri is the best choice. You can say Hey Siri or hold down the side button of your phone (or the Home button if your iPhone has one) to activate Siri. Then ask how to say something in another language.

    Siri displays the translation on-screen with the Play button available if you want to hear it read aloud. Siri helps you translate content into 11 languages, including English:

    • Arabic
    • Brazil Portugal
    • China
    • English (US and UK)
    • France
    • virtue
    • IDEA
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • Russia
    • Spain

    Unfortunately, Siri cannot translate other languages ​​into English. Therefore, this is not a good choice if you are trying to converse in another language. However, it is a good way to communicate with people whose language you do not understand.

  • Are you using one of the above compiler tools for your iPhone? If so, congratulations on choosing a good translation tool for your mobile device. If not, you can completely download or buy one of the above apps to experience. Compilation applications help break down all language barriers, help us make friends, study and work more efficiently.

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