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Welcome everyone to this article. In this article xaiandroid shares with you some useful tips as well as experience and advice when using Google Photos service. Google Photos is a free image storage service in the cloud that is quite convenient but also fast because it is a product of Google. But not sure if you can use it all as well as the tips to use it.

However, Google offers a lot of features and today we are going to discuss some of the many Features of Google Photos.

Let’s head

Open Google Photos and you’ll be greeted by the app. Pretty obvious, don’t you think?

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Next it will ask you account settings your photos so that the images can be uploaded to your Google account saving a lot of space. That’s it, you have successfully opened the Google Photos app.

Backup photos

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Consider that you didn’t need the backup feature but now you have changed your mind. Don’t worry this article will save you.

  • Click 3 dashes and move the settings.
  • Click Backup and Sync , and enable Backup.Setup of your Account.

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Upload unlimited pictures

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The best feature about Google Photos, in my opinion, is the ability to upload as many photos as you want. But you need to upload high quality photos on your device. How do you do it?

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Back to options backup and sync that we discussed earlier. Select upload size as high . Now you have limited online storage. Some people won’t want to download high quality due to some network limitations. They can still upload original size and get 14GB for free. In fact, 14GB is pretty much.

Disable mobile data download

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It’s a good idea to disable uploading when using 3G because no one wants to use up 3G internet bandwidth, but only wants it to upload over wifi.

  • Return Backup and Sync and backup in the photo choose Over Wi-Fi.

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Free upload storage space

As the name suggests will delete images uploaded online. You can still view photos if you are connected to the Internet. Photos are only deleted from your phone.

  • Go to Settings and select “Free up devicde storage”

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Google Photos will automatically sort images by different categories. Google Photos will analyze the images and determine the most suitable categories. Maybe because Location , by day , even by Place or Object . This combined with the updated search engine, images can be found in an Instant. When you open Google Photos, you’ll see the sword at the top of the page. Please use it as you wish. It will not disappoint.

Modify images

Don’t want to use 3rd party apps to edit photos. Don’t worry Google Photos to the rescue. While some would argue that it’s pretty basic, it’s pretty cool to use, yet lightweight, simple, and easy. You can choose from a variety of options which include but are not limited to applying filters, brightening images, changing color saturation, and more.

  • Just select the photo you want to edit and click the button Pencil.

Restore pictures

You accidentally delete a photo at a very important time. Don’t worry because Google Photos won’t delete your photos right away, but can help you restore it anytime you need. To restore you go to “Bin” and from there you can recover them or delete them permanently. If you don’t delete it, Google Photos will automatically delete it after 30 days. So better recover them while you still can.

Make the image more vivid

This new feature allows you to group around 50 photos and combine them into a short movie as good as a GIF.

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Panorama redesign

Google Photos is being continuously improved. One of the improvements is the new and improved Panorama which allows you to take panoramic photos without much effort.


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