Tips for using Google Drive on Android


Google is one of the giants of technology and also one of the best providers of many free services today on the internet environment. Services of Google include: Email, Keep, Photo, Hangouts, YouTube, Maps or Drive. Therefore, there are more people attached to it than other services associated with life.

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage service applications today. Although many people do not consider it to be the main but for xaiandroid it is one of the document storage which is also quite good but mainly used for backup and storage of important files.

But over time using xaiandroid, I have learned from experience when using it and would like to share it with you below.

Use Google Drive as a document scanner


Xiandroid assures you that you can use the app Google Drive on Android turns it into a pretty nifty document scanner. To scan a document, simply open the Google Drive app and tap the blue Action (FAB) button. You will then have a bunch of tap and scan options. Now it will open the main camera on your device to take a picture but instead of taking it it will scan the document. You need to turn on the flashlight if necessary and proceed.

Google Drive will turn it into a scanned image. You get basic customization settings like image cropping, image enhancement, image quality, paper size, and paper orientation. Once everything is done, click the tick in the bottom right corner to save it in your Google Drive account.

Change the color of the folder


This may not be used by everyone, but it is definitely something you will enjoy. By default, folders in Google Drive are grayed out. Here’s how to change the folder color. Open the folder whose color you want to change, tap the three vertical dots in the upper right and select “Folder Action” from the menu. Then a menu will slide up from the bottom, select “change color” from the menu. Now you will get a variety of colors to choose from, choose the one you like.

Track your files’ recent activity on Google


If you continuously perform many activities in Google Drive Like editing documents, collaborating on documents with your colleagues, then it’s important to keep track of what others are doing with your files. To see who made what changes to some documents, and when, simply open the Google Drive app on your Android device and tap the three vertical dots on the upper-right area of ​​the screen. Tap details from the menu that appears. Now you can see all the activity done in your account.


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