Tips and tricks when using the social network Facebook

Facebook is one of the most successful social networks today with more than 1.49 billion users every day but even if you use facebook app Every day, you can’t know all the features and tricks you need when using it.


Whether you are using Facebook app Or visit the facebook website on the phone Samsung Galaxy S6 nice Nexus 7 Either way, you still need the following useful tips to reallocate your data sources (social media news data), improve the security of your account information, search best and fastest content and easier status update sharing.

Using widgets

Facebook Widget is one of the most specific of those with which it is equipped. It gives you a scrolling window to browse your friends’ status updates without the offensive inserts.

You can update your status from the widget, using the . button Share. It’s a handy way to get important information right on your phone screen.


Manage your notifications

Your phone will be flooded with updates and notifications from your friends, annoying you. Facebook added notification management so you can easily toggle notifications on and off.

To perform notification management you go to App settings -> Notification settings and you can enable or disable alerts for wall posts, posts, comments, friend requests, photo tags (tags), event invitations and more.


Find places nearby

The Facebook application on Android devices has the advantage of determining the location better than the computer for you and to determine exactly, you go to the “Nearby Places” to find the main location you want to find as well as your location and it will bring up the results of pages with places nearby.

It’s a convenient way to explore restaurants, bars, shops or other places if you’re part of a digital map like Google Maps. Tap on any item for more information about that place.


Filter news feeds

You don’t have to settle for the standard news feed list of updates. Facebook app allows you to access your custom lists from the main menu. To change the list someone appears, simply go to their profile and press Friends -> Edit Friends List.

If you want to add or remove any entire list (“family” or “best friends”,…), you will need to do this from the computer.


Share from other apps

Sharing across apps is one of Android’s great strengths, so use it: tap the Share button while you’re viewing a photo gallery, browse the web or whatever, and Facebook will appear as one of the options.

This is a great way to share something real time and no need to go into facebook app to share and you still get all normal status update options.


Stop playing videos automatically on Facebook app and also on computer

One of the most useful items in the Facebook app settings is video Auto-play. It allows you to turn autoplay on or off, or enable it when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

This will save data usage while you’re out, as well as prevent your news feed from becoming a dizzying list of hilarious clips and animations.


To know how to turn it off, please see the article: Instructions to turn off the automatic video mode that runs automatically on the facebook application.

At times you are browsing but don’t know how to use it later, but luckily there is a solution to this problem. If you click the drop-down arrow next to a news feed that contains a video or link, you can save the content for later.

The bookmarked content is kept under the Saved group on the main application menu (tap “See All” below Apps if you don’t see it), so you can go back to using the app normally.


Check your account security

Friend Open the Facebook app, click Account Settings, Security and Active Sessions – here you can see all the devices associated with your Facebook account.

If you spot anything suspicious, click the arrow icon to get out of it. This will be more secure, if you get in there is an error, you can exit the application or browser and then you can log in again.


Turn off chat chat

Messenger is a separate app on Android, and one of its most distinctive features is that the most recent conversations appear at the top of the app on your device.

If you don’t like this behavior, you can turn it off – click the gear icon inside the Messenger app to access its settings, then tap Chat heads to enable or disable the feature and fine-tune how it works.


Choose your favorite friends

The online friends list is accessible via the portrait icon in the top right corner of the Facebook app.

Select “Edit” and you select your friends to put your friends in the favorites list to the top of the list to save time without having to search for your close friends.


Hide your friends’ feeds

Sometimes you may want to stop and not see someone’s shared status updates without actually having to unfriend or block friends.

To do this, go to my page, click Following, then select Unfollow. They won’t know it, but you’ll never see their post.


Prioritize a friend’s feed

If you want to do the opposite of the above, you can choose to see a certain friend’s posts before all others. Just go to their page, tap Following, and then See First.

Any articles that your friends post will be included in the feed so you can follow them and never miss them.


Use a lighter third-party app

The Facebook application is not only huge, but it also takes up quite a bit of hardware resources. You can save space and memory by using another application, such as Metal and Tinfoil, which is the basic custom interface for the web version of Facebook. Metal is a bit nicer and offers many features, such as a notification tab, and floating windows.

If not, you can simply add a shortcut to the Facebook site on your phone screen and use that. In Chrome, you can also allow notifications from websites by going to Settings -> Site settings -> Notifications and make sure they are on and not locked.



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