TestFlight – Updated app, used before app on app store

TestFlight is a toolkit provided by Apple to help iPhone users , iPad tablet users use the latest updated versions or new applications that have not yet appeared on the App Store.

TestFlight application information

4 main features of the application

Pre-use apps that aren’t available on the App Store

TestFlight application  for you to use before the applications that will be released on the App Store, just need you to have a link to invite to use the trial version of the application from the publisher sent to your email. So this application attracts many users because of this outstanding feature.

Use the latest updates of apps before updating on the App Store

TestFlight helps users to experience in advance the applications with the latest updated versions from the publisher. When the application you are interested in has an announcement that a new update is coming, you can immediately download the experience through TestFlight and you can give feedback to the publisher about the bugs of the new update that need to be updated. overcome.

As a platform provided by Apple, it is safe to use for devices and accounts

TestFlight is an application acquired by Apple, which has been modified by Apple to suit the customers of this brand. And most importantly, because it is an application provided by Apple – a famous brand with high security, you can rest assured to use it without fear of revealing user information.

Simple interface, easy to use

The TestFlight application interface is simple without many complicated features. Because TestFlight is an intermediary application, for new updates of applications when you click download, it will automatically redirect to TestFlight and automatically download to your phone.

In addition, TestFlight also has a feature to help developers put their application test version directly to TestFlight without going through the App Store, the test version of the application will be used on TestFlight for 60 days.

With a simple, easy-to-use interface and outstanding features, it allows you to download new apps and updates that are not yet available on the App Store. Quickly download the TestFlight application to experience the above outstanding features. If you have any questions about the app’s features, please leave a comment below!


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