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TestFlight for iOS

TestFlight for iOS is a tool to help iPhone/iPad users download the Beta version of the app that is in beta after receiving the publisher’s invitation and experience it before appearing on the App Store.

Apple acquired Burstly software and renamed it TestFlight. With Test Flight, the publisher of an app or game can push their product up without going through the App Store, allowing thousands of users to test it out before releasing the final version. Currently, TestFlight for iOS allows users to install and try the Beta version on their iDevice, tvOS and watchOS devices.

Specifically, after registering to try the Beta version from the developer, you can install the latest version at the present time. Besides, TestFlight for iOS It also helps users give feedback to the developer about the features you have experienced.

Download Beta Version AppUpdate new versionAccount settings

Not just a utility for users to test Beta version applications, TestFlight for iOS It is also an indispensable tool for developers, helping them distribute software to test devices because the Beta version cannot be put on the Apple Store.

Steps to test Beta app

  • All the publisher needs is your email address to send invitations via link.
  • Then accept the invitation to test the app via TestFlight or use the code via the Beta installation link.
  • After accepting, you can install the beta of the app or game.
  • The TestFlight app will notify you when a new build is available.
  • To update to the latest build, users just need to press the Update button to download.

Publishers can invite TestFlight testers on the iTunes Connect web:

  • Create a version of your app and upload a new build.
  • Select a test version for the application to invite testers to participate.
  • Invite new testers to try the app by entering their Email address.
  • Beta applications or games have been pushed through TestFlight for thousands of users to test.


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