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Practice typing 10 fingers to speed up typing

Typing a computer with 10 fingers is a great advantage for those who work in an office environment every day, having to interact with computers and edit documents… Using 10 fingers will help typing faster, the speed of your work will be progressed faster than if you typed each finger on the keyboard for a long time, and unprofessional. Many people often think that it is difficult to type on the keyboard with 10 fingers. But don’t be too pessimistic, check out the 10-finger typing practice below, try to master this 10-finger typing technique to ensure you will significantly improve your typing speed if you practice hard.

In the exercise below, you choose lessons from 1 to 15 and type according to the finger instructions on the right hand side:

1. Instructions on how to type 10 fingers fast

Instructions on how to type with 10 fingers fast

To hit 10 fingers on the keyboard, you must first know how to place your hands on the keyboard. With 10 fingers we will evenly divide our fingers on keyboards like:

With left hand: little finger (key A), ring finger (SHOW key), middle finger (EASY key), index finger (F key).

With right hand: little finger (key :), ring finger (ERROR key), middle finger (KY key), index finger (J . key).

The remaining two thumbs, we will place them at the Space key. And the task of these two delicious is just to take turns typing this keyboard only.

2. Techniques to practice typing 10 fingers and each finger task

Specific tasks of each finger when typing

With left hand

  • Our index finger will control the keys like: R, F, V, 4, T, G, B, 5.
  • With the middle finger, we control the key again: E, D, C, 3.
  • Ring finger: W, S, X, 2.
  • As for the little finger, we will use it to type: Q, A, Z, 1, ‘ and function keys like Tab, Caps lock, Shift.

With right hand

  • The index finger controls the keys: H, Y, N, 6, 7, U, J, M.
  • Middle finger: 8, I, K, <.>
  • Ring finger: 9, O, L, >.
  • And the little finger: 0, P, :, ?, “, [, ], -, +, , Enter, Backspace.

To be able to type on the keyboard with 10 fingers, the first thing we have to do is to clearly memorize the letters on the keyboard and the task of each finger, the keyboard name. To be able to memorize, you should spend a lot of time practicing composing your favorite texts, poems or lyrics slowly to keep accuracy during hand control as well as spelling errors. Once you get used to it, you can increase your typing speed faster and increase your workload.

When typing is finished, the finger should move back to the original position. To avoid one finger “getting in the way” of the other.

Note You should use Telex typing method for faster Vietnamese typing speed instead of VNI style.

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