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How to take a photo of an Instagram post without getting a notification

Instagram will send a notification to users whenever someone tries to take a screenshot of their story. If you don’t want others to take screenshots of your story, this new feature is good news. However, what if you are a fan of capturing your friends’ stories for offline viewing?

This new feature is intended to ensure privacy and is sure to be appreciated by many. Luckily, you can still screenshot Instagram stories without getting notified on iPhone and Android.

Screenshot Instagram Stories in airplane mode

The easiest way to take a screenshot of an Instagram story without getting a notification is to use airplane mode.

Step 1. Open the Instagram app. Click on a profile below the story.

Choose someone whose story you want to capture

Step 2. Now, scroll through the person’s Instagram and open the story you want to capture.

Step 3.

  • On iPhone/iPad: Swipe up from the bottom to reveal the Control Center and tap the Airplane mode button to turn it on.

Turn on airplane mode on iPhone/iPad

  • On iPhone X: Swipe down from the top right corner to access Control Center. Then tap the Airplane mode button to enable the feature.

Turn on airplane mode on iPhone X

  • On Android devices: Swipe the screen from top to bottom to reveal the Quick Settings menu, and then click the airplane icon to enable Airplane Mode.

Step 4. Next, take a screenshot.

Screenshot Instagram with Instagram on the web

Another simple way to save Instagram stories without being notified is to use the web app.

  • Open any web browser on your mobile device and go to
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Open the story you want to capture. Then take a screenshot.

Take photos of Instagram stories with third-party apps

There are a number of third-party apps that allow you to save Instagram stories. You are free to view all your friends’ stories and save them to your photo gallery.

How to save photos/videos to photo library on iPhone/iPad using InstaSaver application. To save stories on Android, use the FastSave app. This application in addition to the ability to save photos and videos like InstaSaver you can also save Instagram Stories.

Use Story Saver for Instagram on Android

When you’re signed in, Story Saver for Instagram displays your Instagram Stories feed in a list format. Tap on a user and you’ll see a sequence of his or her stories. Tap the thumbnail and you’ll see 3 options: Repost, Save and Share. Click Save and the image or video will be saved to Gallery.

Using Instant Stories for InstaStory on iOS

As with Story Saver, you will see a list of all the stories of the people you follow when you log in. Click on the story you want to see and can save. You will see a repost icon at the bottom.

Clicking that will automatically save the story to the camera roll, but not repost. If you really like to repost then you can continue through the prompt.

Use another mobile device to take pictures

Another way to screenshot stories is to use another mobile device to take pictures and save them to the photo gallery.

While there are good reasons to save Instagram Stories without being notified, you should not abuse this anonymous act for malicious purposes. In other words, don’t try to stalk or stalk someone. Suspicious motives are one of the reasons why Instagram tracks when you take a screenshot of someone’s Instagram story.

Besides, keep in mind that you can save your own Instagram photos without using the above methods.

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