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How to see reported content in a Facebook group

In Facebook groups, there is an option to report content so that members can detect content that is not suitable for the group, objectionable content, adversely affects or annoys group members. Anyone can report a Facebook group post and admins can then see who is breaking the Facebook group rules. Then they will take necessary and appropriate handling actions for the person who wrote the article reported in the group such as blocking posts in the group for how many days, deleting comments of the Facebook account. The following article will guide you how to view the reported content of the Facebook group

Instructions to view posts reported by Facebook group

Step 1:

In the Facebook group you click shield icon in the top right corner and then select Content reported by members.

Reported content

Step 2:

You will then see the content reported by group members. We press Remove to delete reported post content. You will now have the option to block the member or remove this member from the group.

Step 3:

If select Block then we have a few more options, Click See more to expand the options. Shows options for you to take action on the reported Facebook account. Depending on the level of the article, we choose the appropriate action.

Step 4:

Also we have the option Remove all to remove reported posts from the Facebook group.

Remove all posts

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