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How to fix Word, Excel font errors, super-fast font transcoding

While searching for documents online, you must have come across .doc and .docx files that cannot be read due to font errors. Usually they are document files written in old fonts like .VnTime, which are rarely used nowadays. Especially when looking for documents for dissertations and lesson plans, you will often download document files with such font errors.

So how to fix font errors in Word, convert the faulty font to a normal font to view the document? Please see the guide to fix font errors, convert fonts very quickly that we introduce below.

To fix font errors in Word, do the following:

Step 1: Open document file with font error

Step 2: Copy content with font error

Step 3: Into the or

Step 4: Paste the content with the font error into the input box

Step 5: Tap To Unicode or To Unicode

Step 6: Copy the content after fixing the font error and paste it back into your document file

Font error before fixing
A piece of text has a font error

Fix font error successfully
The above text after fixing the font error

Done, very quick and easy right? If you do not have a regular network connection, you can refer to this article to transcode fonts, fix font errors without using the Internet: How to transcode fonts with Unikey

Wish you have beautiful document files like you want, don’t ignore these Word tips, they will make your Word file more “pro”!



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