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How to create Sparklines mini chart in Excel 2010, 2019

Sparklines in Excel are a type of mini chart that shows the trend of an asset, not comparing the entire value of all content like the chart in Excel that you often see. Sparklines chart in Excel will display right in the data cell of the spreadsheet, without the coordinate system like the big chart. When the value of the content or cell size changes, the mini chart will also change. The following article will guide you how to create a Sparklines chart in Excel.

1. Instructions for using Sparklines Excel 2019 chart

1.1. How to create a Sparklines Excel chart

Create mini chart with Insert

Step 1:

First, you highlight the data area you want to create a chart. Then tap Insert button then look below Sparklines group, click chart style you want to use.

Click Insert

Step 2:

Then display the interface as shown, we Click on the box you want to create a mini chart then press OK.

Click on the cell you want to create a mini chart

Immediately you will see the mini chart for the previously selected data area. Now you just need to fill the chart results in the first cell down to the remaining cells.

Show chart

Create Excel Sparklines Charts with Quick Analysis

Note how this must be done from Excel 2013 and up.

Step 1:

First of all, you too highlight the data area you want to create a chart, then display Quick Analysis square icon, or you can press Ctrl + Q.

Quick Analysis icon

Step 2:

Click Sparklines then choose chart type that you want to use is done. Next also fill the result from the first cell to the last cell.

Select the type of chart you want to use

1.2. How to Customize Sparklines in Excel

Editing source data for Sparklines

Step 1:

Click on the mini chart and then click on Design tab in group Sparkline Tools. Then look to the left and click Edit Data to change the data and display the selections as shown below.

Edit data

Step 2:

Edit Group Location & Data to adjust Data Range and Location Range, Edit Single Sparkline’s Data to adjust Data Range.

With option Hidden & Empty Cells… There are 4 options including Gaps, Zero, Connect data points with line and Show data in hidden rows and columns.

  • Gaps: the chart will be broken when it encounters an empty cell.
  • Zero: if the data in the cell is empty, Sparklines will automatically assign it a value of 0.
  • Connect data points with line: create points in the graph
  • Show data in hidden rows and columns: the rows and columns in the Data Range will still be displayed by the chart.

Change data

Create points on Sparklines map

Also click on the chart and then look down Section Show, we will have the option Select 6 types of points including:

  • High Point points have the highest value.
  • First Point the first point.
  • Low Point Point has the lowest value.
  • Last Point the last point.
  • Negative Points negative points.

The resulting graph has dots as shown below.

Create dot chart

Change style for Sparklines chart

Also at the interface you click on Item Style to change the color of the histogram or the color of particular points on the chart.

Change chart style

Delete Excel Sparklines chart

To delete a chart in Excel, just select the chart and then press the Delete key, but with Excel Sparklines it is not possible to do that.

Click on the Sparklines Excel chart and then look up choose Clear and display 2 options including Clear Selected Sparklines to delete the currently selected Sparklines and Clear Selected Sparkline Groups to delete all Sparklines in the group.

Clear chart

2. Instructions for creating Sparklines Excel 2010

Let’s start with a very common spreadsheet – in the example below we used a sales report template from Excel 2010 but you can use it with any Excel spreadsheet that can be used. digital data.


Select the cells where you want the sparkline to appear. Place it on the edge of the board for easy viewing.


Click the Insert menu from the ribbon, then select “column” under the Sparklines group.


Select and enter the range of cells that will be the data source for the chart.


The charts will appear on the side of the table.


At a glance you can see the sales trend up or down. For example, the circled cells are in an uptrend.


Using the right Sparklines, data analysis will be faster and more oriented and you will certainly also have a simpler view when viewing information and making decisions.

Video tutorial to create Sparklines chart in Excel



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