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How to create motion effects on PowerPoint

To serve PowerPoint presentations, especially to create attractiveness as well as show the professionalism of the maker, there are many supporting motion effects. Some types of beautiful and fancy motion effects on PowerPoint, such as text effects, graph effects, effects for images, etc. Basically, to insert effects into PowerPoint is quite simple and easy. Besides, users can also adjust the time between movements, depending on the layout of the presentation. The following article will guide you how to create effects on PowerPoint.

Instructions for inserting PowerPoint motion effects

Step 1:

You click on the object to insert the effect and then click Animations section in the toolbar to select the effect you want to use.

Click Animations

Then click on the section Custom Animation to customize the effect for each content.

Customize effects

Step 2:

A custom interface appears on the right, click Add Effects to add effects. Select the effect from the list for the content. Can press More Effects… to open more effects. The following motion effects are available:

  • Entrance: Surprise effect. The object will appear according to the motion type you select.
  • Emphasis: Emphasis effect. For example, gradually enlarge the content to attract the attention of viewers.
  • Exit: Exit. This effect will be the opposite of Entrance. The object will disappear when you click the mouse.
  • Motion Paths: Motion effects follow the drawn lines. That is, you will draw any line in the effect frame of Motion Paths and it will move along the line that you draw.

Select the effect to insert into the content

In each effect you will see an icon to preview that effect. Click select and click OK to use it.

Open more slide effects

Step 3:

The objects for which you have selected the motion effect will have a list as shown below. If you want remove effect of any object just click and Click Remove above.

To see how the effect is inserted into the content, press the Play button below, or press the Preview button in the top left corner.

Delete, play the content in the slide

Step 4:

Some effects move at a relatively fast speed and you want to re-adjust, slower than the old speed, for example, you can adjust in each effect.

You click on each effect and at Speed ​​section There will be selectable speeds to switch between effects. Depending on the person, we can use different speeds in each effect

Effect showing speed

Step 5:

To insert effects for slides, you look up the section toolbar Transition to This Slide there will be effects for the slide.

Effects for each slide

When clicking on the arrow icon will expand the effect for the whole slide.

Choose more effects for the slide

Step 6:

Next, we can add sound effects for slides in section Transition Sound.

Insert slide sound

Step 7:

Part Transition Speed You can choose the speed at which you can move through the slides in your presentation. Last part Advance Slide You can choose the time to automatically move between the content in the slide when presenting.

Slide speed

Above are the steps to insert effects into each content in the slide, as well as insert effects for the entire slide. Users perform separately inserting effects for each content and for slides on PowerPoint.

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