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How to check activity on Facebook

Facebook is currently the most used social network, and you use Facebook almost all day. So have you ever checked the activities performed on Facebook or not? Facebook will all record the activities that users use Facebook, including liking photos, commenting, posting photos on Facebook, etc.

Viewing your Facebook activity or activity log is similar to viewing the Facebook timeline. Users will control their activities on Facebook, as well as find the content that you have made. The following article will guide you how to view activity logs on Facebook.

1. Instructions for viewing Facebook PC logs

Step 1:

At the user’s personal Facebook interface, click Activity Log button right at the top of the interface.

Activity Log

Step 2:

Switch to the new interface with all user activity. We see there are many sections such as Activity Log with summary of content, Review timeline with those who have tagged you, Review photos of your face, Review tags to control tags you have been requested.

Review the timeline

Below there will be different specific sections with classification of article sections such as tagged posts, posts on your timeline, posts hidden from timeline,…

Review the post

Continued below will be photos and videos that you upload to Facebook, or images that are tagged, etc. Comments or emotions for other posts on Facebook will also be listed in full. Click the See more button to expand more content.

Review photos and videos

The interface of the articles will display as below.

History interface

2. How to see Facebook Android, iOS activity

Step 1:

With Facebook accounts on Android and iOS, we also access the personal account interface, then click on Activity Log entry. Soon all your activities are visible.

Facebook Activity Log Diary Contents

Step 2:

To view each item separately like the desktop Facebook version, click Category box at the top of the interface. An additional table will then appear to select the content you want to review the activity. The activity log of the content you have selected to view will appear as shown below.

Select viewing item View photos and videos

Step 3:

Also we can choose view activity log over time. Clicking on the Year box will display a list of years since the user created a Facebook account. Select an extra month if you want a closer look at your Facebook activity. Then will also display the entire history of activity based on the timeframe we have selected.

Choose time by year Choose time by month Show time

So you know how to review all of what you’ve done on Facebook, the activity log with each different individual item. With Facebook Android and iOS versions, the way to view the activity log will be similar.

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