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“Expose” the problem of automatic tags on Facebook and how to fix it


Forms like unlimited renaming, free chibi drawing, or a similar form of advertising… are all scams today. If you are not alert, you will be in a lot of trouble if you are “trapped” into these games.

You are using Facebook, suddenly you do not understand from where many strange fanpages, many strangers appear on your New Feed page. So what is the cause? And how to solve?

This is a very common problem nowadays. To evaluate the popularity of an individual page, or a certain page, “Likes” and “Follower” be considered as a measure to evaluate this level. Therefore, to increase Likes, increase Views, increase Subscribers (or followers), … the bad guys have used many tricks to make users turn themselves into victims to be taken advantage of. Besides genuine individuals, there are also “nefarious” individuals who display many tricks to deceive users.

Commonly used moves:

Technique 1: execute a piece of code to use a certain function

You want to change your Facebook name when the number of changes has expired, you want to know who visits you the most often, you want to appear great comment icons on Facebook, or even you want to draw chibi for free, etc. searched the net and found a tutorial like this.

A form of fraud that hits the user’s psyche

First you click on the link, they ask you copy a piece of code (Script) very long.

Then paste it into your web browser (by pressing the F12 button, or key combination Ctrl+Shift+J for Chrome, Ctrl+Shift+K with Firefox…) to execute the function.

Just press a key Enter, you have been “trapped” by them. The main purpose of these bad guys is just to increase Like, increase Subscriber only. You will have a lot of trouble: automatically tag a series of your friends in the comment lines (comments) with bullshit content, just for advertising. But you can’t change the name at all.

Many users have been tagged in comments.

On the New Feed also appeared many strangers,…

Currently, if you run these scripts on Chrome, Chrome will warn you to avoid being “trapped”. The writer has tried Firefox and unfortunately Firefox has no warning.

Technique 2: run the app

Looks like you’re enjoying these: “Top 5 people who regularly follow your Facebook”, “top 10 people who send you the most messages”, fortune telling, … Taking advantage of this psychology, users are easily “tricked” by applications. If you’re lucky, that application simply lists the list for you, but “unfortunately”, the New Feed will be filled with strangers, strange pages, many offensive images, …

From time to time you will come across content like this

Normally, to use that application, you click on the link of the application, a web page will appear and ask you to follow the instructions. First, they catch you Like that page, then let you wait a moment for the application to calculate. During this waiting period is when they “dirty” your Facebook.

Behind these instructions are the codes JavaScript has been attached. If it’s simple, the code will automatically add you to a Group, like 1 Fanpage or follow someone you don’t know.

The application will use some of your personal information. If you find that the app uses too much information, be careful.

Worse, there are bad guys who want to take advantage to spread viruses, or they want to plant viruses to hack your account. They use this technique to their advantage. So how do you know you have manually executed malicious code on your machine? The answer will be at the end of the article.

Through the application, this is a higher form of “abuse” than asking you to manually copy the code, this time the code will run automatically without consulting you, and it is not blocked. by Chrome.

You also need to note, not all applications do, some applications are only for statistical purposes or just for entertainment mainly, and not for any other purpose.

Method 3: install more plugins, add-ons, extensions for the browser

Same content, but changed form

This is a newer, more sophisticated, fixable move “the downside of move 1”. For this trick, when you click on a link, instead of asking you to copy the code into your browser, it will take you to the Firefox add-on or Chrome extension settings page.

You will be asked to install the Tampermonkey utility.

You press Add, the add-on will automatically install to your browser. After that, you continue to follow the instructions, open the second link. Automatically there will be a message “Do you want to continue executing the code to change the name”? So you press Yes.

And you are “trapped” again.

You go to the Friend section on your wall (Timeline), you see the Follow group and you will see very strange people.

Another move

Occasionally, you will come across many comments under statuses, posts, … instructions on how to hack money online Viettel, Mobiphone… by sending scratch card code (or some promotional news).

In fact, you will not be Liked, Followed by strange friends, but the money to buy scratch cards will fall into the hands of scammers, while you get nothing.


If you are unlucky enough to be “sticky”, how do you solve the problem?

1. Based on Activity Log

All of your above activities will be recorded in the Activity Log. Based on this, you will be surprised “Why do I like and follow so much?” Please Unlike each picture in turn, remove the tags, … to avoid trouble later.

If you see a strange image (or a strange link, status, etc.), click Unlike to cancel Like that picture.

2. Uninstall apps

If unfortunately you have run a “dirty” application, besides deleting their posts on Timeline (or in Activity Log) you also need to delete apps in Settings.

You go to Settings of Facebook, select Apps. Here, the applications that you
used will be listed, and the remaining work is to remove each “dirty” application.

3. Unfollow (unfollow) strangers, fanpage

You go to Friend on your wall, at group Following (Following), you proceed Unfollow each person in the People group.

For fanpage, unfortunately, you can’t do it directly like People group, you have to open each fanpage, then Unfollow Each page. To work faster, open a new tab by clicking on the page name with the scroll wheel in the middle of the mouse. Then you Unfollow each page, close each tab (instead of having to click to let the browser load to that page, then you go back and load again in the same tab).

This job will require your patience if you are stuck with too many strange Groups and Pages.

4. Double-check browser add-ons

If you accidentally install a utility by mistake, quickly remove it immediately. To prevent these utilities from automatically running “dirty” code.

Remove the “dirty” utility Tampermonkey

5. Remove junk, reset

The last job, to solve all the “remnants” caused by the application, the remaining “dirty” utilities, you should delete all the junk, the browser’s history. Then you proceed to reset to restore everything back to default.

For Chrome, go to the browser’s Settings, select Show Advanced Settings, and click the Reset Browser Settings button.

For Firefox, click the Firefox Menu, select Help, select Troubleshooting Information, and then click Reset Firefox.

For Internet Explorer, click Internet Options, then go to the Advanced tab and click the Reset button.


Besides knowing the cause, you also need to know some ways to prevent and avoid getting into situations like this.

1. Install an anti-virus program

You will wonder one thing is installing an anti-virus program, does it have any effect? Most antiviruses have a link check feature. If a link is detected that contains a virus, or contains a certain danger. The antivirus will block that link and warn you that if you run the application, your computer may be infected with a virus. The writer himself has also received such a warning thanks to the BitDefender program.

A powerful anti-virus program will help you detect unsafe links.

2. Control the tagging

To avoid being tagged around, there’s a setting in Facebook that lets you control what you’ve tagged (except you’re tagged in comments). You access Facebook’s Settings, section Timeline and Tagging, please move ON at line “Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook”.

Later, every time someone tags you in (even automatically tagging), Facebook will also ask your opinion.

3. Control Activity Log

All your Facebook activities are recorded in Activity Log. If you see something strange: you Like a strange Group, follow people you don’t know… Surely you have been “trapped”. At this point, please check if you have previously played any application, or clicked the wrong link… And quickly remove it.

Advertising FanPages

4. Beware of App invites, spam links

Once you click on a link, if Facebook suspects it is an unsafe link. Facebook will ask you if this is a spammy link?

This is also a very important sign to help you determine if it is a “trap” of the bad guys. Because too many people visit this link, Facebook will suspect this is spam, which means that the link is not safe.

You also do not trust too much invitations to play apps from friends. Most likely those are unsafe apps.

5. Be careful with the instructions

As you have seen, most bad guys take advantage of user psychology to set traps. You need to be careful, do not click on strange applications, unsafe links, do not follow instructions without basis, …

“Uncover” the trick of the scam

The writer will help you analyze a bit of the code to “expose” this scam. Most of the code is written in JavaScript. However, don’t be discouraged because the code is… too long, you just need to pay attention to a few points as follows.

First, they ask you to click on this link. So what is the nature of this link?

After you copy and paste the code according to their instructions, the GET process. So what do they take?

They get the information and the process of tagging friends begins.

You can see the Facebook of the “mastermind” at the beginning of the code.

You can easily see the mastermind’s Facebook link

Scroll down a little more, you will see a list of IDs of people and pages that you will follow after you run the code.

Each ID will have 15 characters, so wherever you see 15 characters, that’s the account ID.

If you replace this ID sequence in the link https://www.Facebook.com/profile.php?id=[15 kí tự] the browser will display the relevant accounts.

Account with ID 270969653047835

The account has ID 1000004044068515. You also notice that this account has a lot of followers.

And here is the code Follow, Add Friend, add Comment, … (you can use the Search feature to find keywords like follow, comment).

And the last question is can you change the name? The answer is no, you have been cheated.

They only send friend requests, they don’t change their names.

At this point, you have seen that the “essence” of this code is to get ID of each account of everyone in your friendlist, then tag in, follow, automatically Like, Follow,…

In addition, there is a lot of complicated code at the bottom. The writer only analyzes to show you a few simple things so that you are not a victim of them. These scripts can also interfere with browser cookies and caches to get passwords… and many other ways.

How to change Facebook name safely

When you have exceeded the limit to change the name, you have 2 ways as follows:

You notify Facebook that your account has been hacked. Facebook will reconfigure your account, allowing you to change your name and password. But this way can only do 1-2 times.

– There is also a way to change the name, which is to ask Facebook to confirm your correct name through a scan of your ID card, or any other identification document bearing your real name. With this way you will be able to change the name but the name will be the same as on the ID card.

With this article, you must have known the causes, at the same time found solutions and ways to prevent scams – which are “spreading” a lot on Facebook. As technology develops, the techniques are more and more sophisticated, so it requires users to be constantly on the lookout for scams.



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