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10 tips for Facebook users

Do you already know everything about Facebook? Here are some tips to help you take your Facebook account to the next level.

Have you signed up for Facebook, added your friends and photos, joined certain community groups, or upgraded your profile status? But that’s not all jobs, the truth is there’s so much more you can do with Facebook.

Here are 10 tips that can tweak your profile, exploit Facebook’s extensive features. These tips are outside of the typical actions to better connect with your friends and perform other features.

Tip #1

Mine your friends stats with Socialistics : If you want to know Facebook demographics about your friends then this app will help you to do that task. Socialistics can provide you with information about your friends’ age, the language they speak, their nationality and a lot of other interesting information within Facebook.

Socialistics data is not visible on your profile pages, and you cannot share Socialistics information with your Facebook friends through your wall. Even so, if you want to peek into the directions for your personal network, add Socialistics to your profile and you can access it privately.

Second tip

Advanced search tips: Like Google and other search engines, Facebook has several search engines attached and terms to help you find your loved ones. Want to search your Facebook network or friends list, but want to localize the search results to a certain age range. Simply enter a term using the filter in the search with “name,” “y1” and “y2”. For example, if you want to find a guy named Colin among your college friends, but you can’t remember his age. Then you just need to enter “name: Colin Bauer y1: 25 y2: 40”. The search string will ask Facebook to look for people with the name Colin Bauer and between the ages of 25 and 40 and show you search results within that narrow range.

You can also use two search terms at the same time by dividing the terms by a “|”.

If you want people to easily find you when they search, fill out your profile as much as possible. Your interests like music, books, movies and more will get you closer in the Facebook search results page with those keywords. Check out Facebook’s help page for even more information on search terms.

Third tip

Integrate Facebook information with Google: Firefox add-on called Xoopit is designed to streamline browsing and sharing of files, photos, and videos with friends on other social networks through Google’s Gmail service. Facebook will remember and display their profile pictures and status updates. The Xoopit add-on also allows you to upgrade your status inside Gmail via a small Xoopit box to integrate inside Gmail’s interface.

Xoopit Facebook Demo by Jonathan Bruck on Vimeo

Fourth tip

Personalize Facebook URLs: SocialToo allows you to create a custom domain for your Facebook profile page such as This allows you to share your Facebook site with people without asking them to search you on Facebook to find your profile. However, you may have to explain to your friend that even though is not in the website address, it still takes you to your Facebook page. However, this method will make it easier for you to remember than the 8-digit profile ID.

Signing up for SocialToo is easy and completely free. You can set up your Facebook settings located in the “preferences” section of the SocialToo website. Remember to choose your username wisely.

Another way to create a custom domain for your Facebook page is to go to the Profile page in Facebook and copy the web address that appears in your browser’s address bar. Then go to Paste the web address of your Facebook profile into the “Enter a long URL you want to make tiny” field. On the right side, you will see a Custom option. Here, you can create a custom URL to lead

Fifth tip

Hack photos in your profile: Do you want to adjust the picture in your profile? Learn how to hack Facebook profile. You will learn how to maximize the image size up to 200 pixels by 600 pixels and how to create some effects with it.

Friday tip

Put Facebook Chat in the browser sidebar: Could Facebook be your primary IM tool? You can put it in your browser’s sidebar. In testing we used Firefox, however you can also proceed with Opera. Here’s how: In Firefox, go to Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks and click on the Bookmarks Toolbar. Select New Bookmark and name it Facebook Chat. Then paste in the following URL: Make sure you have selected “Load this bookmark in the sidebar” and click Save. You are now completely ready to proceed. This is not possible for IE fans, but they can paste the URL into a new browser tab if they want.

Saturday Tip

Return to the old Facebook interface: Have you ever felt awkward by Facebook’s layout or its new interface? If you have that problem, you can completely change the look of your Facebook page with a Firefox add-on called Greasemonkey, which will allow you to use Java Scripts to change the look of Facebook. However, about this new interface only you can see, and your friends will still see you with the old Facebook interface. Once you’ve added Greasemonkey to Facebook, visit Greasemonkey’s companion site and the dozens of layout options for your Facebook page. Click “install” on the new Facebook layout you want and let Greasemonkey do the rest of the work.

Attention: Before you proceed to download the layouts for Facebook, be very careful. Greasemonkey scripts for changing Facebook layout using JavaScript. JavaScript can again harm your computer if created by someone with malicious intent. The scripts on can be provided by anyone and are not subject to scrutiny by Greasemonkey. That’s why before you download the layout, check the user reviews about it before you install it.

Here are some favorite settings:

Remove Facebook Clutter: This is almost what Facebook used to look like. It will hide the filters to the left of the “stream” and “highlights” sections, removing the rounded corners on the profile picture.

Facebook Color Changer: Choose color scheme and change your FB color. This script allows you to change the Facebook icon on the top left of the screen.

Facebook Twitter Style: Have you heard how Twitter hyped the new look of Facebook? Why not give it a try and see how your Facebook homepage looks like?

Eighth tip

Upload mobile photos or videos to your profile: Take a picture or record a video with your mobile phone, you can completely post it to your profile. Set the profile settings to allow you to upload such things.

Go to the Mobile tab below your Facebook account tab and set it up so your phone can send photos to your Facebook page directly. One point to note is that if you set up Facebook to do that, set up Facebook’s mobile settings and adjust them properly.

When the Facebook Mobile feature is enabled, you can allow Facebook to send notifications to your phone. However, this feature is only available in the US, Canada and the UK.

Ninth tip

Tweet your status: This is one of those pretty interesting ones. Adding the Twitter app to your Facebook profile gives you more options for tweaking Facebook’s status upgrade. Not only that, Twitter is also smart enough to filter out replies so that the notifications don’t spread on your profile.

Tenth tip

Use third-party apps: There are many third-party apps for Facebook that you can use. Here are some of the apps we recommend for you:

Digsby (Windows Only): Digsby is a small Facebook application that sits in your computer’s system tray and can be pulled into Facebook Chat, other IM accounts, email notifications, and Facebook upgrades from your network of friends.

Facebook Desktop Client (Windows Only): Provides notifications like friend requests, wall posts, view notifications, and status updates.

MyFacebook (Vista): This widget adds Facebook information to the right side of the sidebar on Windows Vista operating system. With this app you can change status, see status, groups, notifications, albums and events about your friends.

Facebook Dashboard Widget (Mac): Like Windows Facebook Desktop, this widget will notify you about requests, notifications, groups and… in your friend group.

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto (Mac): If you don’t plan to buy iLife ’09, but prefer to post photos directly from iPhoto, use this plugin. Select or create a new album, tag your friends and add excerpts to the right of iPhoto, then send it straight to your Facebook profile.

Here are 10 very effective tips for Facebook. Although it can be a bit time consuming with these tips, it will definitely give you a lot of fun adding to what you still have with Facebook.

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