Saturday, September 25, 2021

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How to “hack” Facebook profile

One of the most important Facebook components for a user is their profile picture. This photo is displayed at the top left of...

10 tips for Facebook users

Do you already know everything about Facebook? Here are some tips to help you take your Facebook account to the next level.Have you...


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Instructions for creating a status classification folder on Lotus

Lotus has an interesting feature that few people pay attention to, which is creating a separate folder for statuses. You can create separate...

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Axie pets’ double-sword combos

The best combos in Axie Infinity (Boost, Support, Damage)​​ The best combinations for Tanker and support 1. Vegetal Bite & Disguise Card​​ This combo is great for...

Performance Training

How to register for Weverse, use Weverse

To use Weverse, you need to register Weverse with an email account with a very simple implementation. Weverse is a social networking application...

MS PowerPoint 2007 – Lesson 8: Insert a table in PowerPoint

When presenting slides on PowerPoint, users can insert tables to make statistics easier. In addition to inserting charts on PowerPoint, we can insert...

4 Best Karaoke software on PC

Karaoke software help people practice singing right on computers, PCs with Online software.If you are looking to satisfy your passion for singing, you should...

How to share Word with OneDrive

To share Word documents, there are many ways to do it, such as via email, via Facebook... But if you share via OneDrive, you...

Spreadsheet data format

If you've watched the article about Microsoft Word, you probably already have some basic knowledge about text alignment. Because we work with spreadsheets...
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Holiday Recipes

Besides converting images to PDF, converting images to text and exporting text in images into text are also sought after by many people. ...

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