Summary of commands for Siri

How to tell Siri to turn off the screen and perform other tasks? Let’s learn the most useful Siri commands with!

Siri is a great virtual assistant on Apple devices. You can get Siri to do a lot of things just by giving it commands.

The most common siri commands

Apple doesn’t publish an exhaustive list of commands for Siri, although you can find a fairly comprehensive guide to its capabilities inside the app (open Siri and say “Help” to see what it does). can do).

Siri commands you need to know

1. Hey Siri

Activate Siri

There are several ways to activate Siri on iOS devices and Mac computers:

  • Hold down the button Home to activate Siri, then issue a command or question.
  • If you use Apple’s Earpod, press and hold the button in the center to turn on Siri, then issue a command or question.
  • If you use Apple’s AirPods, double-tap any of the side headphones to activate Siri and then issue a command or question.
  • If you have Hey Siri turned on, say “Hey Siri” when iPhone is plugged in or charging, then say the command or question.
  • On Mac, you can create a dedicated shortcut to activate Siri, use a trick to turn on “Hey Siri” or click the icon Siri in the menu bar, then issue a command or question.

2. Basic Commands

Basic Commands

  • Make a call or FaceTime with someone. For example, Call Sarah or FaceTime Mom.
  • Make an emergency call. For example: Call 911 or Call the fire department.
  • Check voice messages. Example: Do I have any voice mail? or Play the voice mail from Mom.
  • Send someone a message. For example: Tell Sarah I am on my way or Tell Sarah I am going to the store.
  • Send an email: Example: Send email to Sarah about the date and say I will be there at 7.
  • Set a timer. Example: Set the timer for 10 minutes.
  • Check the weather. Example: What’s the weather like today? or Do I need an umbrella?
  • Check Stocks: Example: What’s Apple stock price? or Where’s the NASDAQ today?
  • Unit conversion. Example: How many cups are there in a quart? or How many dollars are in a Euro?
  • Calculate. Example: What is a 20 percent tip on $68?
  • Solve math. Example: What is 234 divided by 6? or What is the square root of 16?

How to answer calls on iPhone with Siri

First, you need to ask Siri to notify about incoming calls as follows:

  1. Next Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Phone.
  3. Choose Announce Calls.
  4. You will see a list of 4 options. To enable this feature, select Headphones Only or Headphone & Car. The remaining options do not support this feature.

Make sure the following selection is enabled on your iPhone: To Settings > Touch Siri & Search > Turn on Allow Siri When Locked.

It’s done! From now on, when wearing the headset is connected to the iPhone and there is an incoming call. Siri will notify you who the caller is. All you need to do is use the Siri command: Answer – Answer or Decline – Refuse. You don’t need to say Hey Siri before giving this command. That makes the process of receiving calls when wearing headphones on iPhone with Siri much simpler.

3. Phone/Settings

Assign relationships

  • Take a picture: Take a picture.
  • Take a selfie: Take a selfie photo.
  • Turn on/off…: Turn on or off functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, airplane mode, do not disturb, night mode.
  • Increase/Decrease brightness: Increase/decrease the brightness.
  • Open…: Open the application.
  • Assign relationships. For example, My mom is Sandy Jacobsson or Timmy Jacobsson is my brother. After a relationship has been established, you can say the relationship instead of the person’s name. For example, Call my brother instead of Call Timmy Jacobsson.
  • Adjust music volume. For example: Adjust volume to 80 percent or Turn the volume up/down.
  • On Mac, you can ask about free disk space. Example: How much free space do I have?

4. Schedule and Reminders

Schedule and Reminders

  • Schedule or cancel an appointment. For example: Schedule a meeting with Sarah tomorrow at 11:30 am or Cancel my 5 pm appointment.
  • Meeting reminder. Example: What appointments do I have tomorrow?
  • Set location reminders. Example: Remind me to remember my keys when I leave.
  • Learn about times and holidays. Example: When is Easter?.
  • Set alarm. Example: Set an alarm for 1 am
  • Delete or turn off the alarm. Example: Delete all alarms or Turn off all alarms.
  • Check the number of days between the timelines. Example: How many days until October 6?
  • Find out the time in another location. Example: What time is it in Tokyo?

5. Search


  • Define a word: Example: Define “Apologize”.
  • Find photos. Example: Show me photos from last week.
  • Search Twitter. Example: Search Twitter for….
  • Find specific notes or emails. Example: Find my note about….
  • Find Friends (if you have Find My Friends set up). Example: Where is Sarah?
  • Find pictures of specific objects or objects. Example: Find picture of Sarah.
  • Search for apps. Example: Get the Twitter app.
  • Search word/ PDF/ PowerPoint… Example: Show all PowerPoint presentations in my school folder (on Mac).

6. Navigation

Search location

  • Directions home. Example: Take me home.
  • Find available transportation. Example: What’s traffic like on the way home?
  • Find driving, walking, or public transit directions to a certain location. Example: Find driving directions to Hoan Kiem Lake.
  • Find a place. Example: Where is Time City?
  • Search for the nearest location. Example: Where is the nearest BigC?
  • The length of time until a certain location is reached: For example, Where’s my ETA?
  • Find out the market price: Example: How much does gas cost right now?

7. Entertainment

The command of entertainment

  • Sports updates. Example: Did the Tiger wins?
  • Information about a sport or a team. Example: What baseball games are on today?
  • Search for movie locations and times. Example: What are some movies playing near me?
  • Search for the song being played (via Shazam). Example: What song is this?
  • Get a synopsis of a movie. Example: What’a the synopsis of The Mummy?

8. Music/Apply Music

Music/Apple Music

  • Basic controls: Play, pause/stop, skip/next, play previous song (Play, pause/stop, skip/next, play previous song).
  • Play a specific song, artist, playlist, or album. Example: Play [tên nghệ sỹ] or [tên bài hát] or [danh sách phát] or [album].
  • Like the song you are listening to. Example: Like this song.
  • Mix playlists. Example: Shuffle my playlist.
  • Select the next song. Example: After this, play Wildest Dreams.
  • Search for top songs in specific year. Example: Play the top songs from 2013.
  • Play a song that is similar to the song you are listening to. Example: Play more like this.
  • Buy songs. Example: Buy this song.
  • Find out the song title. Example: What song is this?

9. Travel

  • Check aircraft status. Example: Check flight status of…
  • Search for restaurants and book a table. Example: What’s a good Chinese restaurant near me?
  • Find the business opening hours. Example: How late is BigC open?
  • Find out about the area you are in. Example: What’s the nearest museum?

10. Third-party apps

Third-party apps

Since iOS 10, developers have integrated their apps with Siri. That means you can use voice commands to do things like send messages on WhatsApp, book a car Uber or send money via Square Cash. You can see and customize which apps have access to Siri on your device by going to Settings > General Settings > Siri > App Support.

11. Translating

Starting with iOS 11, Siri can translate into 5 different languages, including: French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, and Italian. Using this new feature is as easy as asking: “How do you say? [word or phrase] print [language]?” – You say [từ] or phrase by [ngôn ngữ ] how? For example: “How do you say where is the bathroom in French?” – How to ask where the bathroom is in French?

12. Random question

Random question

  • Roll a die or roll two dice: Roll one or two dice.
  • Flip a coin: Flip a coin.
  • What is your favorite color?: What is your favorite color?
  • Tell me a joke: Tell me a joke.
  • Knock knock.
  • Who’s on first?: Who’s first?
  • Why did the chicken cross the road?: Why did the chicken cross the road?
  • What is zero divided by zero? What is zero divided by zero?
  • Learn how to say my name: Learn how to say my name.

Siri commands on Apple Watch

  • How’s the weather? Ask about the temperature and weather conditions in your current location, along with predictions for the next few hours. You can ask the weather in specific location.
  • Open [tên ứng dụng]: Instead of scrolling through the apps panel, you can ask Siri to open everything installed on your watch.
  • How’s my activity?: Check the progress of completing the work for the day.
  • Ask for knowledge: Siri can answer common knowledge questions, such as the year that World War I ended, the age of a famous person, or why the sky is blue.
  • Unit conversion: Quickly convert feet to meters or do restaurant bill calculations and more.
  • What can you do?: Siri will share some of the tasks it can complete with a link to a page that provides more detailed content.

The above is a collection of commands for Siri that you can use to easily and quickly get some things done. The longer you use Siri, the more you discover what Apple’s virtual assistant can do.

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