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As in the previous post, xaiandroid has shown you how to do it unlock bootloader give OnePlus 3. After you unlock bootloader Now you can proceed to install TWRP to be able to perform rooting as well as various customizations on the OnePlus 3. OnePlus 3 is the successor to the OnePlus series produced by OnePlus.

Before installing TWRP recovery for OnePlus 3 you need to download TWRP using the following link

Here are the steps to install TWRP recovery for OnePlus 3

  1. Download TWRP in recovery.img format from the link above to your computer.
  2. Right now power off the phone and boot it into fastboot mode by pressing and holding the key combination Volume Up + Power in a few seconds. Your phone will display โ€œfastbootNow you have successfully booted into fastboot. Now connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable.
  3. In Minimal ADB and Fastboot on PC is the same as in unlocking bootloader. If not, follow the link above. Next, type the following command

    fastboot flash recovery

    Then drag and drop the TWRP file img to the command prompt, this will add the full path of the TWRP img file in your command prompt. Press Enter to run the command.

  4. Once the installation is complete, Do not use the โ€œfastboot rebootโ€ but instead it will reboot and you press Power + Volume Down button to enter recovery mode.
  5. You can create a backup of your device using the backup option of TWRP. Select backup and then check tick all options and swipe confirm to start the backup process. This step is essential.
  6. After creating the backup, select Reboot and then select System. This will reboot your phone and enter the system as usual.

Once you have a Nandroid backup, you can proceed to root the device in the next post.


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