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Join the game Squid Game to beat your competitors, win huge bonuses. The game is based on the movie Squid Game (Squid Game) which is causing a global “fever”.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Squid Game, you’ll know that the characters in the movie have to go through all 5 death games, including Red and Green Lights, Sugar Candy Cutting, Tug of War, Glass Bridge and Squid Game.

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However, this Squid Game game only simulates one game, Red Light Green Light.

The context in the game is built exactly like in the movie. You will see a horror doll standing under a tree, a countdown timer and green and red light poles. You and 24 other competitors participate in the race to the finish line in a limited time.

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However, you can only move when the light is green, when the light turns red, the doll will turn around. If it detects anyone still moving, it will shoot down. However, the field of view of the doll’s eyes is also limited, so even if the light is red, your area is not within the field of view of the doll, you can still move.

Try to release your hand at the right time to stop if you are “checked”. At the end of time, those who did not return to the enemy were also shot down and lost.

In addition, you also have dummies for you to use as a shield, helping to avoid 1 bullet of the doll. You can also attack others to get to the finish line first.

Download Squid Game for Android and iOS

In general, the game Squid Game brings the same suspenseful, dramatic atmosphere as in the movie, feeling like you are participating in this mortal game. Download Squid Game and experience it!

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