Some good tips when using the Youtube application on Android


Youtube is a pretty famous video social network and everyone knows it. It bows as one of the video streaming service the best in the world today. With a huge database of dozens of videos of all genres being shared every day, we watch all of the videos for free.

For Android devices, it comes pre-installed Youtube app but usually the old version so we need to update to the latest version to enjoy the new things added to the latest version. However, when we use Youtube, we do not know all the responsiveness of the application and take advantage of its capabilities. Here are 5 features that you should know about Youtube.

Save videos for offline viewing

With the video save feature, you can watch the video even when there is no internet and no ads when you watch the video.

To use this feature, you proceed to download by touching the “Download” below the video. Once you have saved it you can access it in the “Offline” (right tab) of the Youtube app.

Data limit

When you watch high quality video 720p or higher, of course, the view is sharper, but it will also consume a lot of data. A 5-minute 720p music video can consume 60 to 70 MB of internet space.

When you upload videos to social networks Youtube will also consume your data space.

To make sure you don’t have to spend money to buy 3G data or ensure a stable wifi internet connection that doesn’t consume too many devices at the same time, you should use the data limit feature. To use it, go to the app settings by tapping the vertical three dots on the top right corner, then go to general settings. Here you can customize it again Youtube run HD video when it connects to 3G internet. After you set it up, the Youtube application only runs HD videos when there is a WiFi connection as well as uploading videos to Youtube.

Watch 360 . Videos

After Google announced that it would allow YouTube video viewers to watch panoramic videos, and right after the announcement, Android devices could 360 degree videos to get the full view in the video. The 360 ​​video feature is pretty cool when you want to see the whole scene around instead of just one direction like before. However, I’m not sure what hardware Google will use on the device to be able to play 360 videos for the best experience. But it will certainly use the gyroscope on the smart mobile device to process 360-degree video.

To watch 360 degree videos, search “360 degree videos” on the YouTube app and you’ll see a lot of content shot in 360 degrees. Once the video is playing, you can rotate the 360 ​​icon on the top corner of the screen to see different angles or you can rotate the phone according to the Youtube feature.

Change content location

While changing the content location won’t change the language of the app, it will provide videos by country when you search for another video.

By default, the content location is set up according to your country as well as to the language of your choice. To change this, install the app by tapping the vertical ellipsis in the upper right corner and selecting general settings. Now go to the “Content location” and change the country to your liking.

Turn on subtitles

Sometimes we watch videos in a noisy place as well as have no headphones to listen to or in a quiet case everyone has gone to sleep so you don’t want to disturb others, you should use the subtitle feature to See the content of the video like.

To enable captions (subtitles) for a video, you open the video and then tap the vertical three dots on top and then tap the “uncle like“. You’ll see the caption if it’s available for that video.

If you go to the app settings, you can also customize the text size and style of the subtitles.


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