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Simba Empire is an NFTcard strategy gameimplemented mainly on the Polygon blockchain platform according to NFT ERC 721 standard. You will own Simba NFT character with different levels and become stronger to rule. ruler of the Simba kingdom, asserting domination.

Introducing the Simba Empire game context

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The Simba Empire has existed and flourished throughout the decades. It is divided into 6 main classes representing 19 classes with the dominance of the most powerful, majestic and talented Emperor . He divided the territory into regions ruled by Kings (Kings) and Viceroys (Viceroy) . Royal life was lavish and splendid, but strict and orderly. The Viceroy, the Grand Duke and the Prince act as effective associates of the King in managing the territory, giving military orders and enforcing the law.

Five titles under his authority are assigned different roles and powers, in addition, there is a Bishop (Bishop) who supports political activities and protects the national religion; the Guard (Guard) , Knight (Knight) and Guardians (Bodyguard) is the lowest division in the Imperial Palace (Palace), but accounted for the largest number. They are rigorously trained to be able to protect the integrity of the territorial belt. The life of animals outside the royal family is very diverse and developed, from agriculture, forestry to some heavy industry.

Classes in Simba Empire

  • Working Class: Working class – the lowest class in society.
  • Guarding Class: The protective class, close to the ruling class.
  • Royal Class: The royal class, ruling the territories in the kingdom.
  • Magic World: The wizard class, whose job is to advise the king, enjoys high benefits.
  • Leader Class: The leader class, replacing the king to manage and rule all the lower classes.
  • Domination Class: The ruling class.

Currency in Simba Empire

The currency used in Simba Empire is SIM – a token developed on the Blockchain Polygon (Matic) platform with ERC721 standard. You can use SIM in Simba Empire Airdrop events, trade in other NFT games, get rewards for activities like Farm, Stake. The SIM is developed on the Polygon blockchain, so it should be stored on an e-wallet, mainly Metamask.

In the early stages, your task is to earn high-class characters in the game through card matching. You will then use these characters to participate in missions, fight each other to earn more SIMs. Just like Axie Infinity , you can also sell in-game characters as NFTs on the OpenSea exchange. In addition, since Simba Empire is a blockchain game, the game’s token (SIM) can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

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