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How to make your account private on Instagram not difficult. will guide you how to make Instagram private account.

Private Instagram settings

Today, social networks have almost become an indispensable part of many people’s lives. In addition to Facebook, Instagram is also the social network with the largest number of daily users today.

Instagram is a unique photo sharing platform. It impresses with beautiful shimmering image filters. You can easily find here loads of beautiful images in all genres from landscape, home interiors, fashion to celebrity daily life and much more. Instagram is easy to use and you can link it to your Facebook account. It is that convenience that has made Instagram more and more popular.

Of course, when using social networks or sharing life online. You are always faced with a security risk that can appear at any time. Once you share a photo, use a sticker or a location tag, etc., any information on your photos can be used by bad guys for their own purposes. So what should be done to prevent that? Let’s learn how to make Instagram account private.

In the previous article, we have learned about the Privacy Settings for Instagram accounts including untagging photos, blocking users, blocking tags, restricting hashtags… However, if you want a real Instagram account For privacy, please switch your site to a Private Account.

As a private Instagram account, if strangers open your Profile, they will not see full information or any pictures, videos except the account name and a message line “This is a private account“. In order to see your photos and videos and then click Like or comment, they need to send a follow request and you have to accept it before the two can interact with each other. Private mode is completely the opposite of public accounts. declare – Public Account, when anyone can see your shared photos and videos and just press Follow, they can immediately follow the page without your permission.

Here are the steps to change Instagram account from public (default) to private. Instructions are made on iPhone, the same is true for the Instagram version for Android.

Set up a private Instagram account

  • On the Instagram app, access your Profile page by pressing the . icon Profile in the lower right corner of the menu.
  • Look for the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Profile and tap to access the settings.
  • Below the item Account, in the bottom half of the screen you will see the option Private Account with the On/Off button next to it. Tap to enable private mode (button turns from gray to blue).

Access Settings from Personal ProfileEnable Private Account optionInstagram account changed to Private

So you have successfully set up your Instagram profile to private. Note that there is no step to save changes, the Private status will be activated immediately. When is Private Account, only users who are currently following you and who have just been approved can see your Instagram shares.

If you want to change your Instagram account back to public mode (Public), you just need to do the same thing as above and then change the mode Private Account to form Off done.

Frequently asked questions about private Instagram settings

Tag in private profile

If I tag someone or add a hashtag to someone in an Instagram post when I set my profile to private, will people be able to see the post?

Only users who follow you can see the post. Tagging Instagram users who don’t follow you or putting a hashtag in the description does not affect the privacy of the post. It will only appear on the feeds of Instagram users who follow you.

Share from a private account

If you want to share an Instagram post on other social media sites when the account is private, what happens?

If you decide to share an article to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr or another social network, it’s like a standalone post that anyone can see. However, if someone clicks on your username to see full account information, they won’t be able to see your other content, unless they press the button. Theo dõi friend.

How to make a private account on Instagram

How does the follow mechanism work?

If someone decides to follow an Instagram account that is private, will they be able to see the posts on that account?

Not until the Instagram account holder approves the follow request. When a person clicks the Follow button on a private Instagram account, the system will only send a follow-up request message. So if you get this request from someone, they won’t be able to see any of your content until you agree to let them Follow.

Block followers

How to block followers of your Instagram account?

To prevent someone from following you, block the account. Open their profile, tap the 3 dot icon in the upper right corner, then tap Block User to remove the account from your follower list. If the account holder is behaving inappropriately, you can report them to the developer.

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