Move Android app and app data to SD card

You can easily move Android apps and their data to SD card. There are no great apps on Google Play, but there’s certainly a limit to how much data your smartphone can store. Your phone’s internal memory is limited in the amount of memory used for apps and their data. That’s why it takes up a lot of hardware resources, causing trouble if you want to install a completely new application. Unfortunately, there’s no way to increase the phone’s internal memory; but you can certainly buy an SD card and move all your apps to the memory card to save on the internal storage of your device.

Before you buy a high capacity SD card for your phone in hopes of transferring apps and other data to your phone, make sure your phone supports SD cards of that capacity. For example, most modern smartphones support SD cards up to 128 GB, but there are some phones, especially those manufactured a few years ago, that only support memory cards up to 32 GB. GB or even less. If you have a relatively old phone, then there is no problem buying a high capacity memory card. However, 32 GB is usually enough to transfer apps for most users.

Move Android apps and app data to SD card

In the first place, let me tell you that it’s not all of Apps can all be moved to the SD card. Furthermore, having a phone won’t let you migrate your apps in the first place! So if you installed a bunch of apps to your phone with 4-8GB of internal memory, you’ll still have problems even though you’ve received the memory card. Also, if you remove the SD card from your device, you won’t be able to use your apps because you’ve moved them to the SD card.

To move apps to SD card, all you need to do is go to Setting and open the menu Application .

In there, select an app and tap Memory. If the selected app allows moving to SD card, you will see an option “Move to SD card”.

Once you tap that, the transfer of apps and data related to the SD card will begin. The transfer will complete depending on the size of the application in question; if it is a large application, it will take some time to transfer, but if it is a small application, the transfer will complete in a few seconds. Make sure you don’t remove the SD card at any time while the migration is still in progress.

Note: the image is in English, Vietnamese language is similar to the picture


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