Master your LG G3 with 12 tips and tricks

LG G3 boasts a number of innovative software features. After being updated version Android Lollipop, some original features were changed or stopped working, but there are many things you should explore like multitasking feature (multiple apps on screen). Discover all the features that let you take control of everything on your LG G3.


Take advantage of the Knock . feature

LG G3 has some tools based on your mining skills to activate. You can touch the screen to turn it on and off although it only works if you touch an empty spot on the phone screen while the screen is active.

You can use an on-screen touch code to lock and unlock your phone instead of the usual swipe-on-screen lock, and you can even light up your phone with a single touch.

Restrict third-party access with guest mode

Guest mode Guest mode allows you to define what applications are available to third-party users. This is advantageous because now you can lend your phone to a friend or family member without having to worry that they will mine through your personal stuff.

The list of apps and notifications are also disabled when your LG is in guest mode. You can also set up a touch code that allows you to disable guest mode. To make you enter Settings -> Personal -> Guest mode See the options available for the app to allow.

Adjust navigation buttons

As you can see on the Optimus UI, you can move the LG G3’s navigation buttons to whatever you see fit. You want the date button on the left? How to bring back button to the right?

No problem, you can change the arrangement of the capacitive buttons or even hide them when not in use by going to Settings > Display > Home touch buttons > Button combination. From here, you can drag and drop the buttons to your liking.


Quick access to camera apps and notes

You can use the volume buttons to open two apps directly from standby, just by pressing them for a certain time. If you press the volume down button you will open the camera app while you press the volume up button you will open the notes app.

However you cannot modify and the features are also limited if you have your LG G3 using touch code, pin code, icon code, in that case you will have to unlock the phone before one of the 2 apps work.

Use two apps at the same time

Holding down the crank button for a long time opens the dual-window function and lets you display a bunch of system apps on the screen at once. Among these applications are browsing, maps, news and email.

You just need to drag and drop the 2 applications you want to use in one of the two windows on the bottom of the screen. The aspect ratio between 2 displayed applications will be adjusted by dragging the separator bar between the 2 applications


Take screenshots and annotate them with QuickMemo +

You can take screenshots like any other android device, but LG QuickMemo or QMemo+ function allows you to add handwritten notes to the captured image on the screen.

There are three ways to start QuickMemo+: you can access it from the icon in Quick Settings, add your own navigation buttons, or swipe to the top and then to the right corner of the phone screen.


SAVE Note: the ability to open QMemo+ using swipe-up-and-right gesture actions was removed in the update to Android Lollipop. When you make swipe up gesture swipe will use to open Google Now.

Adjust keyboard size

If the keyboard takes up too much space or you need it a bit larger, you can resize it as long as you’re using the LG G3 in portrait mode.

Go to section Settings -> Language and Input -> LG Keyboard. From there you can make desired changes to keyboard height and layout. You can also choose to have a split keyboard when you hold the phone in style mode or activate manual mode.

Use smart display

LG demonstrated the Samsung Playbook feature, and with the feature activated, the smart display stays on until your phone’s screen lights up until you look at your device. It’s a handy feature if you’re reading or spending time searching for something.

To use it, go to Settings -> Display and check Smart screen (smart screen)

Create contrasting styles and adjust appearance colors

In Settings -> General -> Accessibility, you can find options to color adjustment sharp. With this, you can change the look and contrast of the entire surface, including application icons.

When this feature is enabled, you can simply drag your finger across the screen and the entire interface will be changed to reflect the colors you choose.


Work faster with Touch Assistant

The main functions like volume control, on/off, home screen, settings, and can be moved to an extra button that can be placed anywhere on the phone screen so you can access all all those features right on the screen through an individual icon.

To enable this feature, you need to go to Settings > General > Accessibility -> Touch assistant. The button will now appear on your screen, and tapping on it will bring up a menu displaying a bunch of basic functions.


Change the theme of the messaging app

If you are not a big fan of the default themes of the messenger app then you can change it. If you want to change, go to Settings inside the messaging app and select “Conversation theme” to change the look and background of the messages. you can even use the image as background if you want.


Change app icons

If you don’t like a particular application icon, press and hold the application icon it will appear a palm tree icon in the right corner of the application icon and select it and you will now have a list of available icons. You can use or add a new ico to replace the default icon.


This is just a look at some of the customization possibilities that LG G3 your offer. While not all of the features are exclusive to this device, there are still tons of tips and tricks to make LG G3 Yours is unique.


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