Limit apps that use too much mobile data on Android devices


Mobile data (Mobile Internet) today is mainly used for surfing facebook, but there are many applications that also use mobile data to connect to the server, such as Pokemon Go game, which often has to use mobile data to connect to the server. determine your location as well as scan the surrounding objects to send to the center. That’s why mobile data capacity on the phone decreased rapidly. Here you will learn how to save MB by disabling background applications to prevent them from connecting to application servers.

Prevent individual apps from Android from using mobile data

With just 3 or 4 simple taps on the screen, you can stop apps from using mobile data on your device. However, first you need to go into the settings (settings) and go to the “Cellular data” section. There you will see a list of apps that consume your mobile data and it shows how many MB it is.

Note from the phone screen you can also set up a mobile data limit and choose to notify or even limit Internet usage when the amount is exceeded.


Now, you just need to touch the apps that you want to prevent from using the mobile Internet in the background. I chose Facebook because it consumes the most of my internet (7.05MBytes of which is consumed in the background.) Finally, choose the option “Limit background data“(Restrict background data).

However, there are also some caveats with applications that use the background, such as facebook notifications, facebook messenger may not be effective when restricting mobile data. Don’t worry, however, apps will return to normal as soon as you open them.


Before completing this tip, you in most screens with most apps that use big data you just need to touch the right corner of the 3 dots and disable all mobile data activities. . Xiandroid recommends it although some apps may break.

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