Instructions to transfer all data from iPhone to Android phone


You are bored not using iPhone phone and switch to using Android phone But when I switched to using Android all data above Iphone you can’t switch to Android phone to continue using. Therefore, you will need to find different ways to transfer all data from iPhone to Android device.

However, has some sharing to transfer data of some applications from iPhone to Android such as messages, phone numbers, etc. But in this article, xaiandroid will guide you to transfer all data. from iPhone to Android without the need for a computer or USB cable It only takes about 15 minutes of your time.

However, to ensure this, you need to ensure the following requirements:

  • The iPhone that you want to transfer data to the Android phone device.
  • Secure internet connection: here recommended is WiFi network.
  • The Android device you want to switch to.

Steps to take

  1. First, make sure you have your Android device turned on and set up Google account above it. The steps to create a Google account, in the process of starting a new device, you will have a creation part that I will not talk about here.
  2. Next you need to go to the Google Play Store and download the application below:
  3. Similar to iPhone, you also download and install the “Copy My Data” application on the Apple Store application market.
  4. Make sure both your devices are connected to the same WiFi network and open the app”Copy My Data” on both devices.
  5. Next, you let the application search for each other on both devices and complete the search.
  6. Select your Android device from the menu of the iPhone app and select the first option available or “Copy data to selected device”.
  7. Enter the Pin code you obtained as shown below.
  8. Select the data you want to copy from your iPhone. (You can choose between Contacts, Photos, Calendar and videos).
  9. Wait for the application to copy data from iPhone to Android device to complete. Speeds may vary depending on your WiFi connection and the size of the data you want to transfer. (To avoid errors, select each data type separately).

Note that the above steps and the app will help you to transfer all your data except music files. To transfer music to your Android phone, you must sync your music library, using iTunes, because music files are beyond the capabilities of this application.


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