Instructions to hide photos and videos on your Android devices


With the presence of smart technology today we depend on it too much but sometimes we don’t notice the harmful side from it. Before, phones only made calls and then sent texting and now the ability to store files from pictures, videos, music, .. beyond what people thought before but sometimes we indiscriminately revealing video images, .. for others to see without knowing that that person can make it difficult for you or all kinds of other things.

If you have some personal stuff on your Android device and need to hide files like video images so that other people can’t see the content then this article will help you to hide pictures and videos in a useful way. most effective with the following 2 tricks.

Method 1: hide files in folders


In case you don’t know, Android doesn’t recognize files if they’re stored in a folder named “.nomedia” (without quotes). So all you have to do to hide your files is put all your stuff in one folder and then create a new folder in the current folder and name it “.nomedia” (without quotes). Now apps like photos, video player, or any photo or video player other apps won’t be able to read the files stored in the .nomedia folder.

To view hidden files, you will have to open that folder using visible files. So in short, by using the .nomedia folder you will hide your files from other applications but can access them through a file explorer.

Method 2: create a separate folder


In the first way, we create a hidden folder within an existing folder but in this way we create a new separate hidden folder for the purpose of hiding files.

As mentioned in way one, on android OS will not recognize directories starting with a dot (.). So instead of creating a hidden folder in an existing folder, we will create a completely new hidden folder. To do so, open your hidden file and go to storage (internal/external), where you want to create this directory. Once there, create a new folder and name it whatever you like just preceded by a dot. Now you can store anything in it.

The benefit of this technique is that the hidden folder cannot be seen even in the file manager. To access this folder only enable the “show hidden folders” option in your hidden files settings.


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