Instructions to enable the dark theme feature on the Youtube application

Youtube is one of the largest and most popular video platforms in the world today. With a large number of users, but one thing is that youtube is good, specifically Google refuses to make a black interface for internet users when using at night. The advantage of a dark interface or a dark theme makes the phone last longer as well as makes the user’s eyes softer, not dazzling when used in the dark.

If your default YouTube application on Android has not been updated or does not have a dark theme option, you can see some settings. APK file this for Youtube app.

In case the Youtube application on Android has been updated but you do not know how to set it up, please follow the instructions below by Xiandroid.

  1. The first thing you need to do is open the youtube application and log in your email account into the application if available according to the email that you log into your google account on Android operating system.
  2. Next, you touch the circle icon that is your logo on the Youtube application as shown below. Next, go to the settings to enter different settings. Then you select “General” to add a new option

    Note: I have marked in red the areas you need to visit.

  3. After selecting “General” it will display the section you need to select which is “Dark Theme”. By default it is in the off state, its icon is gray. After you touch it, it changes to blue i.e. active and the background color of the app and the snag is dark (specifically black here).
  4. After activation, you press the default back button on Android to return to the application homepage and now you are free to use the youtube application without dazzling through the “Dark theme” that Google added to the app.

Good luck!


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