Instructions to connect PS3 gamepad to Android

How to connect PS3 controller to Android without root and root? Let’s find out with ways to connect PS3 gamepad to Android smartphone Please!

If you often play games or are a professional gamer, you must be very interested in a handheld controller and want to connect it to your mobile phone. In particular, the way to connect the PlayStation 3 controller (PS3) with Android phones and tablets is the most sought after. However, this connection is not as simple as just plugging in and playing.

Here is the guide 2 How to pair a PS3 controller with an Android device (includes compatibility limitations and other requirements).

Method 1: Pairing using Sixaxis Controller (requires root)

  • Compatibility: Most Android devices but glitches with HTC and Samsung devices.
  • Difficulty level of pairing: Medium.
  • You need: Rooted phone, USB On-the-Go (OTG) cable, PS3 controller, computer and mini USB cable

Download Sixaxis Controller for Android

Preparing to connect PS3 controller to Android using Sixaxis Controller
Preparing to connect PS3 controller to Android using Sixaxis Controller

Sixaxis Controller is the application for those who want to connect their PS3 game controller to their Android mobile device. This application is compatible with most devices.

However, Sixaxis Controller requires a rooted Android device. This is why many people are afraid because rooting the device means it is no longer under warranty. In addition, during the rooting process, if you are not careful, you can turn your smartphone into a brick or face security-related risks. Fortunately, there are many software to help you root Android safely. Users can refer to: TOP 13 best root apps for Android

If your Android has a locked bootloader (such as HTC models), the user needs to go through the bootloader unlocking process first and then root the phone.

Once this is done, you can begin the process of connecting your PS3 controller to your mobile device using the Sixaxis Controller.

Step 1: Check compatibility

Since Sixaxis Controller is a paid app (VND 47,000), you should use the Sixaxis Compatibility Checker to see if the app works on your phone before spending money on it.

In the Sixaxis Compatibility Checker, just press Start. This app can provide your phone’s Bluetooth address with a confirmation dialog. In addition, it will also indicate whether the smartphone is rooted or not.

Check your phone's compatibility with Sixaxis Controller
Check your phone’s compatibility with Sixaxis Controller

Make a note of the Bluetooth address (you will need it) and proceed to the next step.

Phones compatible with Sixaxis Controller
Phones compatible with Sixaxis Controller

Step 2: Prepare the PS3 controller

To use the Sixaxis Controller, you need to make the PS3 controller compatible with the application using a PC tool (sixaxisPairTool app recommended).

This simple program gives you a small dialog box that records the Bluetooth address of the main controller. It also has a space that allows the user to change the main device. Enter the Bluetooth address of your phone that you saved earlier (provided by the Sixaxis Compatibility Checker) into this dialog box and continue. The program will then install the correct drivers for your controller.

Enter your phone's Bluetooth address
Enter your phone’s Bluetooth address

Some users may experience problems in this part of the pairing process. Sometimes, SixaxisPairTool does not run and gives the error “libusb0.dll“. To fix this error, go to the folder x86 in the SixaxisPairTool installation directory and rename “libusb0_x86.dll” Fort “libusb0.dll“. Then copy the file along with “libusb0.sys” into the same folder SixaxisPairTool.exe.

Error during pairing
Error during pairing

You should also go to the device manager and uninstall the device called “HID compliant game controller“.

If you can run the program but cannot install the drivers, use SCP Toolkit as an alternative driver installer.

Then you can move on to mobile apps.

Step 3: Pair the PS3 controller with the Sixaxis Controller app

Preparing to pair a PS3 controller using the Sixaxis Controller app
Pair a PS3 controller with the Sixaxis Controller app

It just got easier to connect the PS3 controller and the Sixaxis Controller app.

Just press the button Start. The application will then perform a series of checks to make sure you have the correct drivers.

Press the button Pair Controller, the user can check if the phone’s Bluetooth address is now the controller’s primary address. If the controller cannot be properly paired using SixaxisPairTool, the Pair Controller function will do this for you, as long as the drivers are installed correctly.

When the connection is successful, you will be notified with an in-app dialog that “Client 1 connected“Users can check if everything is working by moving the controls. The application will respond by moving its selections according to what the user is doing.

Method 2: Use Sixaxis Enabler without root

  • Compatibility: Most Samsung Galaxy phones but only works on a handful of other Android devices.
  • Difficulty level of pairing: Easy.
  • You need: A compatible Android phone, a USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable, a PS3 gamepad, and a mini USB cable.

Download Sixaxis Enabler for Android

Preparing to connect PS3 controller to Android using Controller
Preparing to connect PS3 controller to Android using Controller

Using Sixaxis Enabler to connect your PS3 controller to your Android device is the easiest method. So why is it so “picky” users?

The downside of the Sixaxis Enabler application is that its compatibility is extremely limited. Since it does not require root, it depends on your device that Sixaxis Enabler can correctly support PS3 controllers. Compatible phones include Samsung Galaxy and Nexus. Some LG flagships are also suitable. However, models like HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 are not compatible with the app.

Like Sixaxis Controller, Sixaxis Enabler is also a paid app (priced at $2.49). So if you’re lucky enough to own one of the above compatible devices, follow these instructions to pair the PS3 controller with your mobile device.

Step 1: Open Sixaxis Enabler

The first step of this method is extremely simple: Buy the app, download it, and open it. Sixaxis Enabler does not require you to root your device and does not need any privileges at all.

The app itself is also incredibly simple, with a minimalistic user interface that includes a screen with instructions and a troubleshooting page. In the upper part of the screen, you will see the status (Status) of Sixaxis Enable. When there is a notice: “Detecting Sixaxis, please attach controller, press OK.

Simple interface
Simple interface

Step 2: Allow the app to pair

When you connect the controller and turn it on, you’ll get a prompt asking if you want to allow apps to access your device. Just choose OK, Sixaxis Enabler will initiate synchronization.

If the device is compatible, the application’s status will change to “Sixaxis Enabled“.

The user can then move the controller’s control keys and press the buttons to check if the app has registered these movements. If registered, lines of code will appear when you interact with the controller.

How to do it easy
How to do it easy

If your device is not compatible with Sixaxis Enabled, rooting the device won’t help either unless you add a custom ROM with the correct firmware update.

Once the pairing is successful, open a game on your Andorid phone and start controlling the game with your PS3 controller.

Above are the 2 most popular ways to pair PS3 gamepad with Android phone. Some Sony Xperia phones have pairing built in, allowing users to simply plug in the PS3 controller and activate it in the Xperia settings. However, only some Xperia phones (usually models) premium) has this function. Meanwhile, the newly launched Xperia XA1 Ultra series does not have built-in pairing capabilities due to its lower price.

In addition, newer and specialized controls for Android are now available in the market. So, if you are looking for an easier way to connect your PS controller to Android, you can try using USB or Bluetooth. Game controls that work on Android phones & tablets include:

  • Generic USB Controller
  • Generic Bluetooth Control
  • Xbox One Controller
  • Controller PS4
  • Controller PS5
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Generic controls are usually not designed for a particular console. GameSir, Redgear, and Motorola are examples of high-quality game controllers you can use with your Android device. Android phones & tablets can both sync with these controls via Bluetooth or USB connection.

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