Instructions on how to fix the left-click error

Left click is the most used function to open files, programs as well as confirm commands on your computer. However, the left-click error is one of the most common errors that users often encounter.

There are many reasons for left-clicking, causing the left mouse to not work properly or stop working. In this article, ThuthuatIT will list some of the most effective solutions to fix the left-click error when you encounter this problem. Let’s start together.

Determine if hardware is faulty

First, you need to check if it is a software or hardware error. To test the hardware, you just need to connect the mouse to another computer, if it doesn’t work properly, the cause is a hardware failure.

If you don’t have another computer, you can try connecting any mouse to your computer to see if it gives you the same error. If it’s a hardware failure, you’ll have to replace the mouse with a new one

Solutions to software problems

If the mouse’s hardware is working fine but the mouse still isn’t working properly, you need to resolve software issues.

There can be two problems with your mouse: one is that the left click doesn’t work in specific areas, the other is that it’s completely unresponsive. So in the article below, there will be solutions to fix the corresponding problem.

Tip: Since left-clicking does not work properly, it will be difficult to follow the instructions provided in this article. You should read the article on how to control Windows with the keyboard that will help you to follow the instructions using only the buttons on the keyboard.

Restart the PC to fix the left-click error

The simplest solutions are often the best ones. Please restart the PC to see if the left-click error is fixed. During the reboot, many drive problems and corrupted system files can be resolved automatically.

Start Windows Hardware Troubleshooter

Windows hardware trouble shooter built into the computer can automatically scan and solve many problems related to external devices such as screen errors, keyboard errors, .. and of course left-click errors.

To start the Windows hardware troubleshooter. Go to Control panel and open System and Security.

Restart the PC to fix the left-click error

Here, go to Troubleshoot common computer problems under Security and Maintenance.

Start the Windows hardware troubleshooter - Figure 1

Note: If the troubleshooter gives an error Hardware changes might not have been detected, then you need not doubt. The Troubleshooter often throws this error to make sure you don’t miss any recent hardware changes. It most likely has nothing to do with left-click errors.

Uninstall and reinstall anti-virus software

Sometimes anti-virus software – especially programs with anti-keyloggers – can interfere with the normal operation of the mouse. To check, try removing your anti-virus software from the control panel and restarting your PC.

If the left-click error is resolved, you can reinstall the anti-virus software because it may not cause the left-click error when reinstalling. If you still have problems, you can use another anti-virus software.

Re-register Windows Apps

The error of not clicking the left mouse button can be solved by re-registering Windows Apps. Any misbehaving Windows apps causing problems will be fixed this way.

To re-register Windows Apps, combine Windows + CHEAP and type powershell in the dialog Run. Display Windows Powershell will appear. Enter the command below and press the . key Enter.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml"}

Powershell will re-register all Windows Apps packages. If you see any warnings during this process, just ignore them.

Start the Windows hardware troubleshooter- figure 2

Uninstall recent Windows update

If you encounter a left-click error right after updating Windows and the above methods do not fix it.

You can uninstall recent Windows update files to fix the error.

From Control Panel, open System and Security Then select View installed updates under Windows Update.

Uninstall recent Windows update - picture 1

On this page you will see all Windows update files with the most recent one at the top. Check update installation times and uninstall all updates that were installed just before the error occurred.

Uninstall a recent Windows update-fig 2

Fix the error that the left mouse click is completely unresponsive

If left-clicking is completely unresponsive, it could be a driver problem. The above methods can also fix this error, but a corrupted driver is the most common reason why left-clicking doesn’t work.

To correct this, press Windows + CHEAP and enter devmgmt.msc into the Run dialog box. Device Manager will open and display a list of all hardware devices. Go to the option the Mice and other pointing devices and press the right arrow key on the keyboard to expand. Then right click on HID-compliant mouse and choose Update driver software.

  Fix the error that the left mouse click is completely unresponsive

On the next page select Search automatically for updated driver software and Windows will automatically update the driver.

  Fix the error that the left mouse button is completely unresponsive - picture 1

If it is not available, find and select HID-compliant mouse again in Device Manager and select Uninstall to uninstall the driver.

Next disconnect the mouse and restart the PC. When the computer has finished booting, reconnect the mouse to let Windows reinstall the driver. Check if the mouse is working again or not. In case the left mouse still doesn’t work, it’s a hardware failure, not a software bug.

  Fix the error that the left mouse click is completely unresponsive - picture 2

ThuthuatIT has just shared how to fix the left-click error, hope this article gives you a lot of useful knowledge to help you easily fix this error, good luck!


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