Instructions on how to fix Automatic Repair Win 10 errors 100% effectively

An invalid system update, a new graphics card, corrupted file systems, even a new USB mouse. Any of these can cause Automatic Repair errors on Windows 10. So how to Automatic Repair Windows 10 error fix?

You will usually see this error when you try to start Windows 10 but it doesn’t work. Force it to go through an indefinite auto-repair cycle. If Windows cannot repair itself, it will automatically repeat the cycle. To fix Automatic Repair Win10 error, here is what you need to do.

Causes of Automatic Repair Win 10 loop

There is no single cause for the Automatic Repair Win 10 loop. But there are some situations that will cause this error. A missing or corrupted file system is one of the common causes of Windows not being able to start because the necessary files it needs to run are not available.

This prevents the Windows Kernel (ntoskrnl.exe) and other essential Windows Services from being able to function properly. Another problem that can cause the Automatic Repair loop is a newly installed component or connected peripheral that is missing drivers (or is not functioning correctly).

If you recently upgraded your PC, the new components will need drivers to allow Windows to use it. If a driver is missing or an outdated driver is not supported, it can cause a loopback error. Especially for critical components such as discrete graphics cards.

Faulty components, malware infections, corrupted System Registry and even corrupted installation files are the causes of this error. Thankfully, there are many ways to fix Automatic Repair Win 10 errors, please refer to the ways below.

Disconnect/remove recently installed/connected devices

If you recently installed new hardware before the Automatic Repair Win 10 loop started appearing, the hardware you installed could be the cause of the problem.

This is usually due to missing drivers or driver conflicts. Drivers allow Windows to communicate hardware with software. If the driver is missing or damaged, this may cause Windows to start improperly.

In most cases, erasing the problematic device will allow Windows to ignore the problem. If Windows starts when the device is removed, you can view new drivers or replace components.

Run the system repair tool (Chkdsk, SFC) to fix Automatic Repair Win 10

If you don’t know what is causing the error, then the best way to fix Automatic Repair Win 10 error is to use some popular repair tools. Even though Windows cannot boot, you can still force Windows to boot into Command Prompt using Advanced Options. See how to open Command Prompt in this paragraph.

1. To do this, restart your PC and press the . key F8 on the keyboard before the Windows logo appears. Windows Boot Troubleshooting will appear. Choose See Advanced Repair to begin.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 1

2. In Choose an option, choose Troubleshoot.

fix automatic repair Win 10 error - picture 2

3.In Troubleshoot, select Advanced options.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 3

4. Select Command Prompt in Advanced Options to boot to a minimal version of Windows.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 4

5. In Command Prompt, type chkdsk /rc: to start checking the system drive and finding errors using the Check Disk utility. If it detects errors, chkdsk will automatically repair them.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 5

6. Next, you can check the integrity of the file systems using the System File Checker tool. Import sfc / scannow to begin. This process may take some time to complete.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 6

7. Once you’re done, click the crosshair (X) icon in the top right to close the window command prompt and restart the PC.

Run the Windows 10 DISM tool

File System Checker will repair file systems using Windows locally. If certain files are damaged, Windows will replace them.

To fix this, you can first use the DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) tool to repair your file systems.

1. Press F8 while restarting the computer, then select See advanced repair option.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 7

2. In the troubleshooting menu, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 8

3. At the next stage, select Enable Safe Mode with Networking by selecting the number key 5 or F5. Windows will start Safe Mode. Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 9

4. When Windows starts in Safe Mode, right-click Start and select Windows PowerShell (Admin).

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 10

5. In the PowerShell window, type DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth and for the process to complete, it may take some time.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 11

6. When the DISM tool finishes running, restart your PC and use the steps above to start Command Prompt, repeat the command SFC (sfc / scannow) to make sure Windows is completely repaired.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 12

Turn off Automatic Startup Repair to limit the boot loop

If you believe the Windows 10 installation is still working, then you can disable the Automatic Startup Repair system. This will allow you to boot into Windows without the repair loop taking place.

However, this will only work if Windows is working properly. If not, you may need to consider more robust patches (such as Windows restore) afterwards.

1. To start, press F8 and wait for the boot troubleshooting menu to load, select See advanced repair to continue.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 13

2. Select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt and then wait for the Command Prompt to open.

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 14

3. In the Command window, type bcdedit and double check the values indentifer and recoveryenabled. The identifer value will appear as {default} with recoveryenabled yes.

To change this, type bcdedit / set {default} recoveryenabled no to disable automatic startup repair.

If you are running this command from Command Prompt or a PowerShell window in Safe Mode, you may need to replace the identifier to {current} (eg bcdedit /set {current} recoveryenabled no).

fix automatic repair windows 10 error - picture 15

4. Press the cross icon (X) on the top right to restart your PC. If Windows is bootable, you should be able to log in normally at the next stage.

Maintain a healthy Windows 10 installation

If the Automatic Repair error persists (or other problems prevent it from starting properly), you may need to wipe and reinstall Windows. This may cause the loss of saved files, so be sure to back up your hard drive before you begin.

Once you have fixed the Automatic Repairair error using the steps above, you will need to maintain regular system maintenance. Keeping Windows up to date with driver updates and important system upgrades is essential.

Above, ThuthuatIT has shown you how to fix Automatic Repair Win 10 errors, if you have followed and succeeded, please leave a comment in the box below to let us know.


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