Instructions for installing Substratum on devices running Android 8.0 Oreo

When you talk about the pluses on Android, you never rule out the aspect custom. In fact, that’s one of the main advantages of using Android. More than just icons and wallpapers, Android smartphones from Sony, Huawei and Samsung among today’s smartphones have a built-in theme. Most of these themes allow you to further customize aspects of the software experience on your device. But with the latest operating system Android 8.0 Oreo then we can use Substratum tool to customize your device.

How to Install Substratum on Android 8.0 Oreo

Since then, the Substratum development team has seriously worked on it and released a finished product for users to customize their device running Android Oreo operating system.

Install apps

To use the platform on Android phones running the operating system Android Oreo yours, you don’t need to root it. All you need is to install the Substratum child theme engine from the Google Play Store. It’s available for free, and if you’ve ever used a custom ROM, you’re familiar with the interface.

Substratum won’t work right away on your Android Oreo device. As has happened with Samsung devices before, you will need to install an add-on application or additional plugin. The app is called Andromeda and has nothing to do with the rumored Android/Chrome OS merger. Unfortunately, this one is not free like Substratum and will cost you $1.99 for a limited time. After that limited period, the app will return $2.49. The app is still in beta so expect a few bugs here and there.

Download the desktop app

Substratum good enough for us a wide range of themes that work on the device smoothly. Not like Custom ROMs Built with Substratum support, Android Oreo currently doesn’t. It happens only when Sony’s OMS code is included on which the platform is also based. So there are simple apps that won’t do much. You also need a desktop and you can download and know more about here.

For your convenience, we also include download links below. Download a file according to the desktop operating system you use.

If you are a Windows or Linux user, simply download the zip file and extract it to any folder on your computer. Mac users can leave files .dmg as of now.

Install Andromeda

  1. Before proceeding any further, you should enable USB Debugging on your device.
  2. Now start the app andromeda on your phone and it will show No connection do connection status .
  3. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and run the andromeda desktop application.
    • Windows – Double click on the file start_andromeda.bat in the solved folder compression . Grant administrator rights if required. You will then see a command prompt window open. Press Enter and you should see a bunch of adb commands being sent. These commands set up the Andromeda add-in so it can run on your device without requiring a PC every time.
    • Mac – On mac, double click on the file .dmg that you have downloaded. Click AndromedaClient and you will be asked to select “disk image of the mounted Andromeda client.” Click Continue and when your file browser pops up, find Andromeda below the list equipment. Select it and click Choose .
    • Linux – Open script file and you will see a bunch of commands like windows version.
  4. As soon as the desktop is working, you will notice the Substratum app open on your phone. This means that Substratum is ready to theme your Android to your liking. It won’t need root or computer to manage overlays. You can confirm this by opening the andromeda app again which should now show up Connection as if connection status.


Now that the Andromeda service is up and running on your phone, you can install and use any theme you want. It should be noted though that the service needs to be run all the time for the thread to work. If you restart your device, the service will stop and cannot automatically turn on. You will have to connect your phone to your computer and run the desktop app again.

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