Instructions for installing Pokemon GO on PC and Mac computers


Pokemon GO is currently one of the hottest games currently on both Android and iOS with an increasing number of users. But it also sparked a lot of debate about the issue of tracking users, vandalizing the map Google Maps, facilitate crime. But when playing Pokemon Go, you have to hold a 3G-connected phone to roam the streets. But today, xaiandroid shares with you how to play Pokemon Go on PC and Mac.

With this Game, you have to go out on the street, but now when you install it on PC and Mac, you won’t have to go out in the sun. Here’s how to install Pokemon Go on your computer and Mac using Android emulator. But note that this method is fraudulent and means that your Pokemon Go account can be detected and locked at any time.


How to Play Pokemon GO on PC and Mac

Free apps like Vysor for smartphones let you install them on PCs and Macs. Of course, you won’t be able to hunt Pkemon in bars, museums or parks and interact with people around, but you can still catch Pokemon right in the house.


  • Before we begin, you’ll need to make sure USB Debugging is enabled in your smartphone’s settings. To do that, you must enable “developer options“.
  • Go to section Setting -> About Phone and Build number about 7 times. Next, go back to the settings and menu of Developer options appear at the bottom; Click it. USB debugging mode will show up in the menu, so make sure you enable it before proceeding.

Download and install Vysor for Chrome

Install Vysor for Chrome extension in the Chrome web browser on your computer. Note that it’s only available for Google Chrome, so if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, this trick won’t work.

Also on windows you also need to install the Android ADB drivers. You can also install the app on your Android Vysor smartphone by downloading it from Google Play but it will be installed automatically when you connect your smartphone.

Once the extension and ADB drivers have been installed, plug your smartphone into your computer with a USB cable and select “enable USB debugging” on your device when prompted.


xaiandroidAfter a while, your smartphone screen will automatically appear on your computer (this is what is called a mirror screen). You can then open the Pokémon GO app and you’ll see it play in a window on your

Now all you need to do now is wait patiently for the little monsters to approach you. If you leave your phone turned on in your pocket, the phone will vibrate to notify you whenever a Pokémon is near. The good news is that catching a Pokémon is pretty easy using the mouse.



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