Instructions for creating a charging effect on iPhone

Currently, when plugging the battery into the phone, we feel too boring when the screen only shows the wallpaper without any effect? Because of this, current iPhone users can easily create effects when plugged in to charge the battery for your phone by setting The app creates animations when charging, one of the best charging effects apps is Pika Charging Show.

Pika Charging Show is an application that creates a charging effect on iPhone, when using this application, we can easily and quickly animate impressively and vividly when plugged in to charge the battery. Today, will introduce the article Instructions for creating a charging effect on iPhone, invite you to consult.

Instructions for creating and adding effects when charging on iPhone

Step 1: First we will Open the Pika Charging Show app on your phone. If your device does not have this app, then click the download button below to quickly install the application.

Download Pika Charging Show on iOS Download Pika Charging Show on Android

Step 2: At this time, at the main interface of the application, click on the item Charging Animation.

Step 3: On the screen at this time, many beautiful and impressive animations when charging the battery will appear, please choose a charging effect that you want to install. In this app there are many free animations and paid animations.

Step 4: If you want to use the charging effect, tap the . button Video unlock, to view ads and unlock animations.

Step 5: Once the animation is unlocked, tap tick icon at the bottom of the screen, to use the effect.

Step 6: To set the charging effect of your choice, press the . button Set now.

Step 7: At this point, we return to the main screen of the iPhone phone, let’sy open the Shortcuts app go up.

Step 8: In the section Automation of the app, tap the . button Create personal automation entries.

Step 9: In the section New automation, drag the screen down, and then tap Charger.

Step 10: Select Connected automatically, then press the . button Next in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 11: Next, tap the . button Add task.

Step 12: At this point, search and select the Pika!Show . app, and then tap the button Next in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 13: Then, on the screen, the window “Don’t ask before running, press the . button Do not ask.

Step 14: Finally, when the task is created successfully, then you try to plug in the phone charger, you will see the phone charging animation displayed on the screen.

Battery charging effect after installed

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