Install the color interface for Facebook and Messenger apps on Android

Facebook is one of the largest social networks today founded by Mark Zuckerberg and the company has grown to the point where the whole world almost depends on it to connect with friends and share and it also has its own application on Facebook. devices running Android and iOS operating systems. With the Facebook application and the Messenger application, it is very convenient for users to use smartphones with tablets instead of having to access it with a browser like on a PC or laptop.

However, Facebook has taken it very seriously in the area that the data is getting bigger and bigger while many countries have slow connection speeds. It is because of this that Facebook launched both Facebook and Messenger applications in Lite form. With the Lite-oriented application, it will help places with countries and regions with slow internet connections as well as Android devices with weak configuration while Facebook and Messenger applications currently require hardware configuration to meet requirements. suitable for it. For users who use smart devices with medium and high configuration, it is not a problem to use the main version, but if you use devices with low configuration, it is best to use the Lite version. for the whole device. Whether there is a regular version or a Lite version, in the dark environment or to minimize the phenomenon of the screen reflecting too much harmful to the eyes when using them. So we can customize its color to the most optimal dark color.

With Android’s customization capabilities, we can customize them to black or dark according to each subject when you use them in low light conditions, also known as dark interface. Because white color does not help your eyes in the night, but it also makes your eyes more glare even if you increase or decrease the brightness.

With XDA member Near_07 has customized them with 2 APK installation files for these 2 apps. If you’ve done this before, it should be easy. But if you have never installed the APK file before, it is not difficult but very simple. Note though there is a major shortcoming or limitation to this, depending on how you update the app. Since you will be installing modified APK files, you will not receive regular updates from the Google Play Store. If the text is white on a black background, your eyes will be softer at night than black text on a white background.




To customize, the first thing you have to do is enable Unknown sources which means you allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

Once you have activated Unknown sources, you can move the APK file of the application you downloaded in the attachment below.

Note that use this feature when you make sure to install the source APK file safely, if not needed, deactivate it.

To activate, go to Setting > Security and select the checkbox next to The source Unknown . Android 8.0 and above have this uninstalled. Instead, you’ll have to similarly allow any Android app you open the APK from. That’s the safer approach.


Install APK

Once you’ve downloaded the APK, simply tap the download completion notification to launch the Android package installer. Android Oreo and above users will be asked to allow the app, install the APK. Enable access and then press INSTALL on the installer screen. That’s all you need to do

source: xda


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