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Google Play Store is one of the largest app marketplace today with more than 1 million apps and games of all genres. However, today children are very interested and extremely tech-savvy no less than adults. But sometimes it causes a lot of harm to children such as game addiction, watching violent videos above mobile device. In addition, children accidentally install potentially dangerous applications that they do not understand what it is. However, sometimes you lose money because the child can make in-app purchases (IAP) or buy something without your permission.

There are many ways, but in this article, I will show you a pretty good way that is to set up Parental Controls so that you can control your device as well as allocate app purchase rights to not allow children to have permission to buy apps. above Google Play Store. Here’s how.


  1. Open Google Play Store and Google and touch the menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select “Settings“.
  3. Find the “Parental Controls” for user control.
  4. You enable it and enter the pin you want to use to control this setting.
  5. Now you have to set up content restrictions for your device. Note that these settings will only apply to that device. It won’t work on other devices even if you have a Google account on all your devices.
  6. You can now set the type of content for apps, games, movies, books, etc. to be displayed in the Google Play Store.

This feature allows parents to control content that does not match the saved settings and they will not be displayed on the Google Play Store. Therefore it will not be possible to download them. However, apps outside of the filter in the setup will be shown if your child accesses them through a direct link. But will not be able to download them due to restrictions.

For example: – the dating app “Tinder” is very popular these days and is only available to people 18 years of age and older. Now if I set app and game restrictions in “Parental Controls” and only allow apps rated 12+ to be able to download, and “Tinder” will not be immediately displayed in the Google Play Store on my device.

One thing you can do to stay safe if your kids have a habit of in-app purchases Google Play Store or IAP that is set up authentication to purchase. This option is available directly below the “Parental Controls“. Set up authentication for in-app purchases as always. Now whenever your kids try to buy something, they will first have to enter your Google account password.


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