Install Google Camera Night Sight Port on Mi Mix 2S

Ever since Google first announced Night Sight at the Pixel 3 launch event, we’ve seen the feature leaked and used. It was available for Pixel 3, Pixel 2 even before it officially launched for Pixel 3, let alone other Pixel devices. Soon, quite a few other non-Pixel devices like the Essential Phone also had a working port. Devices like OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T also have such a feature by the same feature from the Google Camera port with Night Sight. As for devices like Xiaomi Poco F1 and Xiaomi Mi 8 there will also be. You can now add another Xiaomi device to the list of devices that have received the Google Camera Port that works with Night Sight. This time it’s Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. However, the method to make Night Night work on it is not as simple as on other devices.

Port Google Camera with Night Sight

The only reason that this Google Camera port even works on the Mi Mix 2S is the MIUI 10 beta and official release for the device. Xiaomi is bringing several features from Mi Mix 3 to Mi Mix 2S with a new version of MIUI 10. The main one already includes Xiaomi’s implementation of night mode but as we’ve seen before, it’s hard to beat Google’s Night Sight . Somehow, the new update also fully supports Google’s camera without any problems, unlike previous MIUI versions. Surprisingly, it was a Chinese developer named Lenzhang who found a way. His Magisk module could allow users to try out Google’s Night Sight on MIUI 10 Global Stable.


Using the Magisk Module obviously requires the presence of a Magisk system-free framework. Needless to say, your Mi Mix 2S will have to be rooted. We have published a guide on how to root Mi Mix 2S which you can check if your device is not rooted.


How to install Google Camera Night Vision Port on Mi Mix 2S

  1. Download the Magisk module linked above to your device.
  2. Launch Magisk Manager, pull up the side menu drawer by swiping from the left edge of the screen, or tap the hamburger menu button in the upper left and go through the Module.

  3. Touch the button + yellow at the bottom and select the downloaded magisk module, named unless you change it. After the module is installed, touch the . button REBOOT and let your device reboot. In case you were wondering, the module simply adds the camera gallery of the latest version of MIUI 10 China to your MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM.
  4. Download and install the transferred Google Camera APK on your device just like you would install any other APK.

In fact, the camera port linked above is for the Xiaomi Mi 8. Because the Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S use the same camera hardware and the magic of the magisk module, any port works. on Xiaomi Mi 8 will also work on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S once the module is installed. Currently, some features like slow motion video recording and 4K video recording at 60fps are not working. Everything else like HDR+ and Night Sight works.


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