How to watch Youtube videos on the screen of an Android phone turned off

Mozilla Firefox

This way is you using the Mozilla Firefox browser Free on Android devices. First you need to download and install Mozilla Firefox browser on your Android device at the following link.

Next, you visit the website Youtube is equal to Firefox browser this and then tap the 3-dot settings icon at the top right of the page and tick “request desktop site“.

Once you have completed the above steps, you can simply open a video to watch and it will continue to play that video even when the phone is locked.


Sony Xperia Small Apps

Tips for using the feature Small Apps and it only works on the Sony Xperia devices. To use this feature you need to install the following application.

Next, open Apps by tapping the recent apps button (square in the bottom right corner of the screen) and then tapping the up arrow at the bottom left. Here you can access Web Video applications.


Next you touch Web Video application and a new window will appear allowing you to search for videos and open them to watch even when the screen is off. The application will not let you use it all, but only a limited use and you cannot use all the usual features of YouTube but it is a way that is also quite useful when you want to watch videos while Your phone is locked.


Subscribe to YouTube Music Key service (YouTube Red)

The last way is to use the Youtube Music Key service whose full name is the YouTube Red service. The important point of Youtube Red is that it will provide hidden as well as background content and you need to spend $ 9.99 monthly to maintain the ad-free video service and watch it even when the screen is off. like you get access to ad-free features as well as experience.

Once you have set up the subscription, go to Setting in your YouTube app (three-dotted button), then Background & Offline, and make sure Playback is set to state Always on.

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