How to use hidden settings in Android Marshmallow


The release of new Android versions brings us many changes, but in it there are many hidden features that publishers do not want for users to use. Those are hidden settings. Often they are hidden in the menu list so it is very useful even if we do not know they exist or not. Here is a list of hidden settings properties in Android Marshmallow.

Enable System UI Tuner

Google warns you that System UI Tuner may “change, break, or disappear in a future version” this option is becoming essential to giving your phone some of the more options it gives you. To turn off this function you just need to go to the quick settings and swipe down, then hold your finger to touch the gear icon in the upper right corner for a few seconds. You will then receive a disclaimer message, agree to this and the Tuner will be activated.

Battery percentage in status bar

While the battery icon in the status bar shows us the status of the battery, it does not tell you how much percentage is left. This is what mobile gamers and people do

While the little icons you usually see in the status bar for battery life can be helpful, it doesn’t tell you how much powder is left. This is what gamers benefit the most from. To enable this option you must activate the system UI Tuner. Go to Tuner, then just convert “Show embedded battery percentage“, and you will see a change in the status bar.

Data management program

Android Marshmallow includes implicit discovery in it, but it does not make it possible for third-party applications to use those latent features. If you go in Settings, then storage & USB though, then scroll to the bottom you can touch to see the files on the phone device and storage.

Permissions App

When we need to be sure what applications can access our phone, it is important that this information can be easily found. While it may not have been in previous versions of Android, Marshmallow did provide the ability to revoke access to apps with ease. Do this by selecting Settings, Apps, names of apps, Permissions. You will then be able to set permissions for apps.

There are a lot of new settings like this hidden on Android 6.0. So why not explore? You can find ones that do the things you’ve always had problems with, but until you find it, you won’t know it’s there waiting for you to use.


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